Striking the small number of companies who dealt systematically, looking for information about your competition, because it should be considered an aspect of vital importance to compete under conditions of openness. It reminds us the participant, for Venezuelan companies, physical attributes of efficiency are considered the main variables for the acquisition of machinery and equipment; While the least important criteria are those related to human resources. While 73 percent of the companies said that the production capacity was the main evaluation criterion in the acquisition of machinery and equipment, only 22 percent said the possibilities of training of personnel as an evaluation criterion. These results suggest that approach to acquisition of technology, by the majority of the companies puts greater emphasis in the valuation of items of production capacity – tangible – than in those intangibles related to the technological capacity of the human resources–. However, those were the problems that were mentioned most frequently in connection with the acquisition of machinery and equipment. Own practice in relation to the problems encountered when purchasing machinery and equipment. Reiterates the importance of the factors associated with the acquisition of technological capabilities of the human resource, course, without subtracting the due importance having the physical attributes of the production capacity.

Regarding technical assistance, highlights the fact that a large part of it is provided in the short term, giving the impression that they are punctual services, probably supplied at the time of purchase and in the time that the company confronts a problem. It does not seem to be a strategic long-term vision, according to which technical assistance is displayed as an instrument geared towards the continuous improvement of the technological capacity of the company. The negotiation process should lead to the acquisition of technological capabilities that enable the company both use in appropriate form, modify and improve its production capacity.