Rio De Janeiro

Not! There the free will enters and who likes this is the Enemy. It wants that the alive man its bel pleasure. The man cannot allege that he is this that it does not understand. The teachings are well clear. Exactly that the cult (of any denomination), does not have no religious initiation of credibility, exists a called thing conscience, that is the direct contact of God with the man, whom it shows what it is right or wrong. In first place, Jesus assumed the sins and pardoned the pecadores, but always he said: It goes, but you do not sin more. We know that he is that it is the great Mercy of God, therefore it there knows that we will go to continue sinning and IT will be always ready to pardon. But Jesus does not want to be alone pardoning and yes the correction of the done evil.

We have that to observe and to look for to take very well-taken care of accurately with the Time. God Is the God of Abrao, Isaac and Jac. He is our God today and amah. That the time of only Gave is always TODAY. How many people are being called di- turn forms and ways. The Time of God arrived, but with certainty, it was not the time of the person who of course thought that still more time would live well.

The designs of God are impenetrable. TODAY IT ARRIVED! If the sins were not enough that we bring in our nature, that we stop fierce fight stops exempting in them of them, has those that we leave to happen, deriving of the greed, of the power, the envy, magnificent, infidelity, and as much others; one exists that is difficult to understand. I do not know as to characterize: ignorance or DEBAUCH. Was published in the Periodical the TRIBUNE of day 16 of maio/10? pgina12? (cities) That two shepherds of Rio De Janeiro, would go to implant its church in Victory-Be.