Eyelash Extension Specialist

Previously, only the beams were increased eyelashes: eyelashes several gathered in a small bundle, and glued to your lashes. Technology Investor has much experience in this field. The screen is it was absolutely appropriate, but in real life, to be honest, it looked too artificial and defiant. Beams were too bulky. Currently, there are new technologies that increase each cilium in separately. Used separate lashes that are designed to enhance the beauty of natural lashes. Each cilium podkruchena. These lashes are applied individually to make eyelashes thicker and longer.

Such eyelashes look quite naturally. If you are not convinced, visit Michelle Smith Source Financial. In recent years the procedure has eyelash huge spread in Europe, not only thanks to the wonderful aesthetic effect, but also of practicality. There is no need to waste time removal and application of mascara, eyelash is not "will flow" when the "eyes on the wet spot." In addition, you absolutely do not need to change their way of life as ever you can attend a bath, a sauna, a swimming pool. And, most importantly, your eyes are always expressive and beautiful. Poresnichnoe "Japanese" building – it's where your every eyelash using a special resin bonded only one artificial.

It's a long and very laborious procedure, which lasts two to three hours. Eyelash Extension Specialist attaches special adhesive to the base of natural lashes, artificial. Depending on the condition of your lashes, eye shape, and your own wishes will choose the length of the master artificial cilia, the color and thickness. Are three main technologies – is building resnitsshelkom, mink and sable. We want to immediately calm the animal advocates and women who are allergic to wool, – all the materials eyelash extension mink and sable are made of synthetic monofilaments.

New Technologies In Cosmetics

Today, many say that there are few manufacturers that make their product really good quality. Brad Pitt may not feel the same. This applies to both food and household appliances, clothing and cosmetics. The use of different chemicals and causes many alarming to learn the technology and components of objects, which also does not guarantee the safety and effectiveness in application. That is why the characters become so popular, "Standard" the inscription "No GMO" and much more. Yet there are products you can trust, even today, do not fear for his health, and sometimes even life. These include cosmetics and DeSheli. In order to properly use it you do not must thoroughly study all the processes in the skin. Despite the fact that the product really is new and unique technology works on skin treatment, you will be enough of those instructions which will cosmetologist professional company.

It's simple! Are you sure that your face needs special care? A cosmetics DeSheli able to quickly give you the desired result. But, of course, is agree with you, that can not blindly believe in the miraculous effects, not finding out about the features of this product. The technology is unique cosmetics. And although we may not immediately reveal all the secrets of its manufacture, we you try to describe some of its components. Prospective customers DeSheli will be pleased to know that the components used in a product only of natural origin. This celandine, and olive oil, and chamomile, and Dead Sea minerals, and propolis, and vegetable glycerin, and ginseng, and figs, and beeswax, and even extracts from seeds of apple and black African wood.

Japanese Technology

Eyelash extensions by Japanese technology – the most advanced and popular technology of our time. Its meaning lies in the fact that your every eyelash is attached, alone, artificial. (Similarly see: Melissa Selcher). The length and diameter (thickness) of eyelashes client of selected or recommended by the wizard. To attach the lashes using a special high-quality, hypoallergenic adhesive. Effect when using this technology, surpasses all expectations! You get a thick, longer than you have eyelashes and they look as natural, that is yours! Term wear these lashes is 2-3 months, subject to adjustment in 2-4 weeks, then they can be removed and re-build. If you are not in doubt and decided to try this technique on yourself, remember that when choosing a master, it is important to know what materials he uses.

I would not recommend the master uses to trust Chinese products. Most best glue for the moment to build – Korean production. Cilia are also the best Korean – Be Glad. Well, he must master to build artificial eyelashes to your every eyelash, but do not boil the pot and make the gaps! If The wizard uses high quality materials and has hands of gold, then your eyelashes will not be negatively affected. This is due to the fact that the artificial eyelashes attached to your individually and with no the mucous membrane of the eyes or on the roots of the lashes is not provided. Once your eyelash (respectively, together with compounding) falls, instead of it just grows a new one. Since your eyelashes completely updated, about 4-6 weeks, so the layouts are necessary to make the correction (ie donaraschivanie cilia new grown). If you have any questions, you can visit my website: There is more information and my phone number where you can consult with me.


Such technology in the world there, so do not judge cosmetics 'DeSheli' on the previous producers. Even if you believe that, despite the fact that modern technology though and go farther and farther ahead, they will not bring any real change in our lives: household appliances constantly breaks down, food only poison the body, and makeup was not effective or at worst, completely undermines our health. Now you can forget all your fears and concerns. 'DeSheli' will give exactly the effect that promise! And this production promises to restore the natural function the body, preventing negative effects on the skin and stimulating the domestic balance of the skin. To ensure that you have seen the seriousness of its approach to production, saying that 'DeSheli' is divided into two sets for a series of women: 'Crystal youth pro age' for the younger half of humanity and 'Crystal youth anti age' for those over 35 years. What is important, this makeup is suitable not only for women but for men with any type of skin.

Now let's talk about you again. You irrevocably decided to use Cosmetics 'Desheli'. Well done! Now you open the front of such horizons of new achievements and new admissions from the opposite sex (but try not to answer them, so as not to annoy my husband!) That life Score a new key is even stronger than it was 17 years old. In just a few applications you will experience improved skin texture: smooth wrinkles will absolutely not leaving small wrinkles on the face, skin zadyshit with new force, forever gone from your life redness and flaking skin. This is not only due to the ideal combination of natural products that are in the 'DeSheli': olive oil, wheat germ, Comfrey root, rosehips, aloe extract, peptides and liposomes, hyaluronic acid, propolis, celandine, and more.

Efficiency is achieved in the application and a special agent – unique 'intelligent crystals'. They carry resonant frequency regulation, which is a breakthrough in the world of cosmetology. Re-launching the slow processes in the body and skin in particular, the 'smart crystals' make people look younger. And they are so seamlessly work with other components of cosmetics, that the result does not make to wait long. Try make-up 'DeSheli' everyone should, because the task of this company will not make money on their customers, and make the world more more beautiful and happy. Source: