Therapeutic Program

Procedures for skin care are the most popular area of hardware cosmetology. Skin Master Plus – multipurpose ultrasonic cosmetic combine for a modern and efficient procedures. This revolutionary tool in aesthetic cosmetology has emerged from a joint 10-year study of BIOREM SRL (specializing in medical and cosmetic equipment) and the Rome University. The set of functions that are connected in one unit, eliminates much of the unsightly blemishes, without the help of other vehicles and even more so – to surgical methods. After the procedures on the skin did not appear even the slightest irritation. Also visible effect appears immediately after the first procedure.

The device uses technology: Generator "elastic wave" on the basis of ultrasound: selective exfoliation, intensive moisturizing, whitening, cell stimulation. Modified microcurrents Lottie (MLM): Reconstruction of youth molecules (collagen and elastin). Toki Kotz: the restoration of muscle tone and face modeling. Therapeutic laser: treatment of wrinkles, stretch marks, inflammations. Methods Skin Master Plus uses line of skincare products that enhance and prolong the effect of the hardware procedure. INDICATIONS FOR USE SKIN MASTER PLUS: premature aging, the deep and superficial wrinkles, skin sun-damaged, dehydrated skin, striae (stretch marks), dim complexion with a cracked surface of the skin, various spots origin, acne, scars and stretch marks. THERAPEUTIC PROGRAM STAFF: Peeling 3 levels – Light, Medium and deep. This procedure is designed to remove the keratinized layer of skin.

Provides deep cleansing the skin of dead cells, excess sebum, make-up stubborn residues and other toxic substances. "Elastic Wave" is the phenomenon of cavitation – the process destroys the pathogens that cause acne. Especially important to note that for this type of peeling is not necessary vaporizer – skin does not steams, and, therefore, does not accelerate the aging process. The surface is constantly irrigated with mineral water, and the "elastic wave" in contact with the skin separates the stratified cells. The procedure is absolutely painless and prepares the skin for subsequent treatments. Hydration. Dry dehydrated skin, loss of elasticity are key indicators for treatment at the Skin Master Plus. The result of this therapy – the perfect moisturizing the skin, which becomes pink, relaxation of muscle tissue and tonify. Improving circulation. Effective procedure for restoration of local metabolism, particularly the aging of the skin, which slowed down all the processes of cell renewal, which is primarily due to insufficient intake of nutrients through the bloodstream. Therapy provides effective blood circulation in the whole area to be treated. At the end of the session the skin gets a fresh, luminous color, much wrinkles, especially on the forehead and around the eyes and mouth. Cleaning. Thanks to the cleaning (bleaching, cleaning) device significantly lightens discolored patches of skin (eg, age spots, pigmentation after abuse sunbathing), which becomes noticeable after the first session. Lifting. Is based on microcurrents Lottie using electrodes. On the face before the procedure is applied normal conductive gel (gel identical to Ultrasound) or a special conductive mask 'Alga Vital', which nourishes and moisturizes the skin. The combined effect of laser and needle electrodes stimulates cell and collagen production with visible, lasting results after several applications. Regeneration. Thanks microcurrents Lottie activated fibroblasts responsible for the production of collagen and elastin fibers: a few sessions restores skin firmness and elasticity, most of the wrinkles disappear, the face looks fit and glowing.