Ventilated Facades

Exterior of the building – the final stage of construction, but it largely affects the perception of your building. Modern-faced facade attracts attention and creates a good impression of a man owning them. Therefore, more and more specialists in the cladding of buildings and structures were used ventilated fasady.V What are the advantages of ventilated facades in front of other materials? Profile mounting design is made of aluminum, which makes construction easier, but at the same time durable. This not only facilitates the installation and design, but also allows designers to implement solutions that are impossible with other materials (Mostly due to gravity design). – one of the main advantages of suspended facades of fiber-cement boards. The wall is protected from freezing and ac .Alyuminievy profile and fiber cement board virtually no corrosion that much important because it extends the life of the building. In the production of aluminum and fiber cement boards use a clean install materialy.Pri ventilated front bearing outer wall of the building does not require a prior special training, and it is not required shtukaturit.

give the building a modern look and realize the most daring Architectural projects by the thickness of the sheathing and the variety of color gammy.I finally, last but the most obvious and important advantage of ventilated facades – it's simplicity and low cost services. Unlike traditional wet technology ventilated facade of fiber-cement panels can simply be washed. Detergent and water. After that, ventilated front gets the same form as that immediately after construction.