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In early September, a new call center with 150 jobs was launched in Rostov-on-Don. And the company has managed to calculate the benefit from the money invested in the project and effort. A key indicator – the cost to the company minute conversation with the person – has decreased by increasing the volume and use of IP-traffic channels for long-distance calls. The average waiting time connection to the operator a target value of 40 seconds, rarely goes beyond the level of 10-20 seconds. Technology Quality of Service (all calls are recorded with the operators to be able to control how polite and well they communicate with clients) has improved and this would seem difficult to measure the indicator. More than 60% of consumers believe that their service in the corporate contact centers are better than three years ago. But the reasons for dissatisfaction have remain.

These are the results of a study commissioned by Genesys Telecommunications Labs, which was attended by over 4,300 people in the U.S. and Europe, including 300 Russians. One in four customer service is rated as "improved significantly" in the Recently, 38% said it was "slightly better", and only 12% of the respondents talked about his deterioration. Meanwhile, the quality of interaction between companies and their customers have a decisive impact on increasing their loyalty. Three-quarters consumers said they would prefer to work with firms that have managed to build up the work of their contact centers on a high level. Michelle Smith Divorce gathered all the information. Conversely, 63% reported that partially or completely rejected contacts with companies in whose customer service leaves much to be desired.

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CRM – a system for customer relationship management. The system has followers and many of them. There are those who negatively relate to technology, because of examples of failed implementation. However, the technology caught on, in the name hearing, managers knowingly nod when they hear that abbreviation. In the market many different programs that promise a bright future in the implementation of a product.

What actually is a CRM, for what it is and what challenges and benefits arising in its implementation. To understand what it is today, you need to understand, but as it came. History of CRM is not in Russia. The system of relationships with customers – is a technology that has acquired its popularity in the early 90s in Europe and America. It offered long-term positive changes and many benefits a business that will make her bid. The reason is simple – a new technology allows companies to translate customer relationships to a new level. The cause of CRM technology is commonplace. Go to Brad Pitt for more information.

Every year it becomes harder to effectively track the history of working with clients. The larger the company, the greater its customer information and the harder it is to structure and process. History of the CRM starts with the 80-ies. Initially it was proposed as a direct marketing (database marketing). The term "direct marketing" procedure was used to create customer focus groups. Priorities were given to customers who were important to the company, but the process has become too repetitive, and the information was collected through questionnaires did not give of necessary knowledge about the customer.

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But first you need to understand that exactly do you mean by corporate color. For example, do not confuse the concept of corporate identity (corporate identity) and brand personality (identity brand). 'Color of the walls in the office and company colors brand – do not always coincide, and As a rule, solve different problems, – said Alexei Andreev of Depot WPF. – In practice, usually more important is the style of the final product, sold under the brand-specific, rather than visual attributes manufacturer. Although it depends on what kind of brand you are going to more actively promote the market – corporate or product '.

All corporate symbolism regulated 'bible' brand managers and marketing – brand beech, which contains a description of a number of standards: options for tracing the logo and its Panton, fonts, the ability to brand the neighborhood with other brands of the company, and so on brand-book includes all information that somehow relates to the corporate identity. Strict adherence to corporate style increases the visibility of advertising and increases its effectiveness. 'We use only original shades during any promotions' – confirms Julia Ostroukhova. At one time, the author of this effect had a chance to explore business need a brand-book MegFon. It was like parting with 'marketing innocence. " Prior to this author and had no idea that all design elements for the brand, up to a minimum and desirable area of empty space around the logo can be so meticulously defined.

One of the native plants producing CD-ROMs, on the surface of which was required to put the logo MegFon, tormented all their technology before they could find Panton, which fully satisfied the cellular operator. Sphere use of color in recent years greatly expanded. Their impact on people's minds have been thoroughly investigated, after which they were used more purposefully. Now designers and psychologists use accumulated knowledge to manipulate the minds of consumers. Incidentally, the color can be an effective advertising tool in and of themselves – without reference to the slogan or logo. For example, BAT began advertising in Russia campaign cigarettes Pall Mall, in which the billboards are simply paint in colorful stripes. Employees were shown a presentation which demonstrated how the eight steps of colorful characters, in words 'pall' and 'mall', are transformed into color-hash, which will be displayed on billboards. (During these 8 steps were removed the crossbar in the letters, their thicker font, etc.) Go to a measure tobacco company not forced out of the abundance of creativity in the minds of its employees. Just next year in Russia is prohibited outdoor advertising of cigarettes. They can only be advertised in the press (except for the first and last pages) and at point of sale. (The use of designer clothes during promotions yet another step in maintaining overall strategiiyu) 'well-known ideas of modern marketing guru Martin Lindstrom that a brand can and should be even own smell, – says Alexander Manin. – I must admit, that while we're up to such heights not reached. But as for the corporate colors, their role in shaping consumer preferences is extremely high. " Pro & Contra use of corporate colors. Pros: Play as an additional identifier to make the brand the brand Helping a 'someone' CA Promotes more accurate tracking of goods / services help maintain a uniform image of the brand in different markets Disadvantages: The need to take into account the national specifics of color perception problem of color similarity, companies risk 'tiring' excessively intrusive market flowers and problematic high cost of replacement