And Who Has A Friend ?

Why people are so angry? Even very close to you people, deep down, reluctantly, to you may be experiencing feelings of envy and malice. " I can not believe in what I am surrounded by such people, whom I consider friends or friends, sincerely wishing them nothing but good and happiness! Always eager to help them, but often stumble onto a rigid ingratitude, while in principle I do not expect it, this gratitude. Just infuriates the fact that all starting to take all granted, after I begin to realize the true cause of our communication or unreal friendship. How can that be? I do not want to think that people whom I love, I just simply used, or something like that Sometimes I want to share your feelings with someone. For example, if I'm good or I'm happy, many friends, or friends or relatives, to celebrate the like is not happy! If it's happiness or success or luck, you're taken away from them, not just earned or done something for this itself. Often hear from people such phrase; Why she (or he) was so lucky! And I'm worse than her (or him)! Are people so selfish? that can not be sincere, without envy, just be glad for others. Thank God There is a small percentage of those people who truly love you and appreciate your friendship, but unfortunately you can not always be there