Burnout Technology

Comment about the price of the LCD TV LCD technology has been imposed to avoid the high cost of the bulky tubes (CRT) and its low efficiency. So so that conservative calculations estimate that prices fell by 23% during year-end festivities and it is estimated that in total have declined by 40% in the past 14 months.Advantages of a TV LCD regardless of being more larger screens and better presence, there are essentially no way to compare the picture quality of an LCD, which precedes the introduction of high definition and has a decoding integrated system that allows us to enjoy channels offered by the digital terrestrial television (DTT) in optimal conditions. Another indisputable advantage consists in significant energy savings because recognizes that they consume an LCD TV between 10% and 20% less than the plasma. If we add to this that the lifespan of these is around 50,000 hours approximately equivalent, in a rapid and overwhelming arithmetic calculation, which could be switched on an average of 5 hours per day during something as well as 27 years. Not convincing but apart do not show the signs of fatigue or Burnout appearing in the TV-based technology plasma. Possibilities for optimizing its use and extend the average life of a computer LCD.

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