Environment Protection

Mechanical shaft kiln is mechanical work and successive operation. So, its output and quality and efficiency is better than common shaft kiln. According to building material technology policy requirements, instead of common shaft kiln, many small cement production plants mechanical shaft kiln cement to apply production. Technological features: New type of Hongxing metallurgy rotary kiln is featured with simple structure, reliable and convenient operation, less wear parts, high rotating speed, and high quality product. 1. The machine is automatic welded by high quality carbon killed steel and alloy steel plate.

2. Tyre, wheel, and open-type gear are made use of alloy cast steel. 3. Sliding bearing adopts large clearances not scratch pad bearing. 4.

Transmission device uses hard tooth surface reducer, elastic diaphragm coupling, and it is driven by DC motor; 5. It uses hydraulic blocking-wheel. 6. It uses laminated pressure plate and cylinder pressure to seal the head end of the kiln respectively and tight; 7. Seth Fisher Hong Kong brings even more insight to the discussion. There is a slow driving device. As to the application of rotary kiln, the cement industry owns the most numerous rotary kilns in production. The whole cement process flow can be generalized as Two Whet A Burn. To burn refers to the process flow that calcining grinded raw materials to under the high temperature of rotary kiln clinker. So, rotary kiln is the host machine in cement production, it usually called as the heart of cement plant. During ore beneficiation, rotary kiln can be used to magnetic roasting to the poor iron ore, which can change the weak magnetism into strong magnetism, so that it can be easy in magnetic separation. For Environment Protection, it has a history for 20 years that the developed countries use cement kiln to calcine hazardous wastes and rubbish. This method can not only make the waste become less and harmless, but also can make waste as the fuel, which can save coal powder and realises the Recycling of waste.