In recent years, both in everyday conversations and in the media all the more common expression 'superfluous people'. To whom is this definition of contempt? Opinions are divided. Someone writes in 'extra' drunken slum railway stations and subways, stretching out his hand for the poor dirty penny. Conversely, many consider unnecessary and even harmful elements of modern 'masters of life', changed their crimson jackets to suits by Armani, and Guns – on gold-plated 'Parker'. It is argued that 'unnecessary' – those who "impedes progress intelligent civilization on Earth ', that is, an absolute majority, and therefore proposed to tighten control over fertility, to reduce the amount of 'ballast'.

Any attempt to outline the range of 'superfluous men' come from the underlying insecurity of those who attempt to take. After all, almost no one can confidently say about himself: 'I certainly do not like excess! ". AND people trying to artificially boost self-esteem by belittling certain categories of people. Kabbalah relates growth of self-doubt, followed by a desire to assert themselves at the expense of others, the process of growth of selfishness. On Indeed, if we take the basic criterion is not social or intellectual status of a person, not the benefit or harm caused to the company, and the internal state of the soul, the 'superfluous man' in our time would be … almost everyone. Yes, do not be surprised! 'Superfluous man' – someone who suspects that he once who did not believe in self-worth and need. Now let's see, of what constitutes a mental state member of modern society, and what factors affect self-esteem.