Sacrament Of The XXI Century

" A tingling in his hands, feeling the effect of a small current to the tip of your tongue (as if touched batteries)" for 15 minutes while holding batons Conte, the pressure decreased by 10 units " a sense of clarity of thought, the flight " There are many more various feedback we receive regularly. Do not want to do an article advertising, forcibly smash product, which throughout the text are reruns of the "best" proposal is simply informational article in which we want to share with equipment that is not recognized only because of the fact that not a lot of money invested, but it can and can maintain the quality and purity of product. Two years ago I bought the rods from a well-known healer, the price was not much about 3000 rubles. Feeling her at a reception the effect of "batteries in the language" I used these rods every day. Those were rods crystal. There are many techniques and postures, how to use them for formation of the correct energy, the most high quality and rapid income streams of energy I am as a person, in principle, to such methods lazy, of course, after a couple of days longer to deal with them. And held them, either by will (subconsciously), or as an entertainment experiences.

What I basically felt and still feel that if the organism is in an excited state of negative information in simple words – in the nerve excited, then after 30 seconds as I pick up the rods mind begins to quiet down, even if you are really experiencing the past few days and can not sleep on a problem, the effect arises as follows: all the thoughts come in order off the internal dialogue, remains the effect of "I know that for whatever problem should worry, but at what I do not remember J. Close relatives who suffer from hypertension, he just loved the impact of Wands Conte, pressure returned to normal, gets insomnia recently began offering to buy the other staffs, representatives of the steel, we offer the same price as the factory rods in Russia it was not very profitable, but enjoyable occupation a lot of interesting feedback (I will not publish, do not agree with the buyers), different sensations, effects. There are several varieties, I will not describe here all the information, if anyone is interested in the site. Now difficult times, but if there is interest try – you will not regret!


As the soldier Alexander during the operations in Kosovo as the marrow of the Stefan Morsch Foundation became for the life saver G. somewhere in Australia there a woman who fights for her life. The wife has leukemia. To have a chance in this fight, she needs someone who has the same genetic characteristics and is willing to help her, a totally strange woman. Among medical histories like this for the staff of the Stefan Morsch Foundation, Germany’s oldest Stammzellspenderdatei, everyday life, they never become routine. Has a truly global network, the Foundation gives every day Stammzell-or bone marrow donors for Leukemia patients in nearly three decades. A matching Lifesaver in the file has been found also for the sick Australian: A German soldier – currently stationed in an outdoor camp in Kosovo, a region where even the normal medical care can be problematic.

However, in cooperation with the German armed forces could also the patient on the other end of the world be helped. Read additional details here: Brad Pitt. Alexander G., whose name here is abbreviated because he is still in operations abroad, is 24 years old. The main Corp comes from a 5000-strong community in the Bavarian district Neustadt an der Waldnaab. Usually, he does his service at the Panzerbatallion 104 in the Oberpfalz barracks in Pfreimd. He did his military service in Willow 2011. Then he let typify themselves by the Stefan Morsch Foundation. Teams of the Stefan Morsch Foundation in whole Germany are traveling almost daily to win young soldiers as unrelated.

More than 3500 members of the Bundeswehr in the donor file could be recorded in the first half of 2013. People who have declared themselves ready, to donate in emergencies for a people suffering from leukemia stem cells and to give the chance of a cure so the patient. “People like Alexander G.: I thought that is a great thing.” Less than a year later he was needed.

Countess Bathory

Bram Stoker's character, as we know, extended his life and youth, feeding on human blood. Was considered preferable blood of virgins, but in principle approach, any. In real life, a follower of Dracula can be regarded as the Countess Bathory, who lived in medieval France, which was bathed in a literal sense in the blood of his servants and serfs girls: so "bloody countess" retain their youth and, according to contemporaries, who for many years remained very attractive. The fact that "the blood – there is life" referred to in various denominations and doctrines. Confirmation of this was found and physicians. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Peter Thiel. In oral and maxillofacial surgery has been successfully used platelet rich plasma, which is known to be separated from the blood. The first in Russia who began to use blood products in cosmetics, was jaw-facial plastic surgery clinic "Lavater, md, Professor Renat Rashitovich .

This man knows exactly where the hidden youth – in our own blood! Renat Rashitovich whether the blood – is "an elixir of youth"? You can say so. All that is necessary man is in himself. You just need to stimulate the natural mechanisms of our body, and look good and young for many years. You invented a new "beauty shots"? This close definition. Technique of administration in skin is similar to mesotherapy. But mezoterapevt uses homeopathic medicines or vitamins and hyaluronic acid, as in our case, the drug has its own human plasma with an increased amount of content platelets. Why would a person artificially raise blood platelets in a certain place? Sense of blood cells is a coordinated movement and interaction.