Thomas Kaiser Monk

Trend-highlight mountain monk of the downhill scooters – now at Alpintech the mountain monk is one of the most innovative new products, which has to offer in 2010 for mountain fans. Awarded the BrandNew Award in the category of summer hardware at ispo 2009 is the resonance among experts consistently positive. Because the Bergmonch is a successful combination of backpack and downhill scooters. True to the motto of hiking uphill – downhill wheeling”the roller is carried up the mountain comfortably with integrated backpack and then offers a rapid downhill pleasure on the way down. Rene Stich, CEO of, is convinced: a sports equipment on the market comes with the mountain monk represents is a solution for many customers. “Not only get passionate hikers with knee problems the opportunity on the way down the knee to save, the mountain monk opened also athletes who are uphill interested above all in the training, a fun promising quick alternative for the descent.” But not only hikers are Target group for the mountain monk. Also mountain bikers looking for a racy departure Variant or nature lovers with a sense of adventure come fully at their own expense.

For the functionality of the mountain monk from Thomas Kaiser and Christian Wassermann developed in collaboration with the University of Kempten and the SportKreativWerkstatt Munich Koga and VAUDE Know-How have incorporated. With just a few hand movements, a 9 pound Downhillroller is in your backpack with 18 + 5 litres capacity. The backrest serves as a knee pad in the roller position, so that the mountain monk standing or kneeling can be reached depending on the terrain. Fork, case tires and hydraulic disc brakes provide a safe and carefree downhill pleasure. Weight: 8.9 kg and 1.5 kg backpack storage space: 18 + 5 litre high quality, ergonomic carry system by VAUDE integrated network of helmet in the backpack fixing eyelets for walking sticks rain cover for backpack or rucksack backrest foldable parallelogram suspension fork telescoping main frame Lowerable arm construction with don’t roll lock hydraulic disc brake chunky, wide tyres (front 20 “, rear 24” SCHWALBE) oversize headset 1 1/2 “price: 1,499,-now is the mountain monk in the online shop to order or can be taken in the camp in Fulpmes at any time inspect and thoroughly tested. (ode)

BOWTECH For Athletes

Before and after competitions it helps to relax and regeneration / BOWTECH helps healing sports injuries if it comes, symptom-free to complete a marathon or to relax muscles and psyche before a competition: more and more recreational and professional athletes take advantage of, the them the original Bowen technique (short: BOWTECH) brings. This includes the support in the preparation of the competition as well as the recovery phase after a strenuous competition or training and the accompaniment after a sports injury. BOWTECH is a stand-alone, dynamic system of a holistic and gentle muscle – and connective tissue application and complex. The method works on the nervous system structural and muscular level and addresses the whole person. Targeted handles activates the body’s own powers, relax the muscles and the nervous system is balanced. In Australia, the native land of BOWTECH, many dedicated sportsmen and athletes are looking for help and support will naturally at trained BOWTECH users. Robyn wood, senior trainer from Australia, has maintained since many years athletes from endurance sport (Marathon, swim, bike, run) as well as golf and tennis players.

It propagates worldwide their knowledge and their experience in specialized seminars to the BOWTECH practitioner, which are recognised by the Bowen Academy of Australia. So she conducted a two-day seminar this year at three locations in Germany with a focus on BOWTECH for athletes”. In the practice-oriented seminar interested BOWTECH practitioner can form more topic-specific. Focuses mainly on training: the physical requirements for athletes, the electrolyte balance, sports injuries, Trainingsbesonder units, stretching exercises and balance sport; but it also specific BOWTECH handle episodes appear, which are helpful for athletes of the individual disciplines. The course is a special focus on the athletes, in particular their support before the competition. BOWTECH relaxed here not only the important “Muscles and ensures a balanced body, but helps in a very special way that can relax the athletes mentally and minimize fear of competition before the start”, BOWTECH Practitionerin and seminar participant Regina Fischer stressed.