The Fusion 2009 In Madrid

The most famous gastronomic fair Madrid Fusion throughout the world 2009, the world’s most famous gastronomic fair new year 2009 could no better start than from 19 to 22 January takes place the International Summit of gastronomy in the Congress Centre in Madrid. This means now more than 70 Chef de cuisine from around the world to the Madrid Fusion 2009 come to pass the most important international fair of gastronomy. This year a concept unprecedented so far outweighs the exhibition and the audiovisual gastronomy, which is viewed from different angles: the restaurant of the future, the problems of the service and the latest risky dishes of the rediscovers. In addition, Mexico is this year of the host and offers you the best cooks and the best traditional dishes. This year discuss famous international kitchen chefs such as Ferran Adria, Andoni Aduriz and other foreign cuisine stars, about a whole range of different topics: the molecular gastronomy, the eco-friendly Kitchen, the different business models in the face of the economic crisis, or the exotic markets. Other important topics are the guarantee of food safety, the aesthetics of the courts, and the combination of humor and imagination in the creation of new courts (play food). Of course is a kind of appetite Happchen that are currently very popular in the United States discussed also the small plates.

The world’s best and most famous chefs are invited such as Quique DCosta and Dani Garcia, awarded with two Michelin stars, represented the country Spain fair Fusion 2009 in Madrid. The creative Chef Peter Nilsson you arrive from Sweden and Great Britain is gracefully represented by Heston Blumenthal. In other categories, three more Spaniards take part in a cocktail competition to win the famous Premio cocktail Tropicana. Angel San Jose and Carlos Moreno and Victor Garcia de Haro will fight head to head against other famous Shaker, to to show that their Spanish cocktails are the best. The Madrid Fusion 2009 is waiting for you! Neglect not the gastronomic fair par excellence. Come to the capital and dive into the world of the most delicious delicacies. You can anywhere else try such delicacies! And if you want to turn your stay into an unforgettable experience, then you rent an apartment in Madrid!