San Jiao

External and internal relations between the twelve main meridians and the cyclic flow of Qi and blood inside them.External relations and internasLos three Yin meridians and three hand and foot Yang meridians are six interno-externos pairs through the meridians and the collateral.These six pairs form in the following manner: the meridian of bladder (foot Taiyang) with the meridian of kidney (Shaoyin of foot), the gallbladder (foot Shaoyang) Meridian with the meridian of the liver (foot-Jueyin), stomach (pei Yangming) Meridian to the meridian of spleen (Taiyin of foot), the meridian of intestine (Taiyang’s hand) with the heart Meridian (Shaoyin of the) hand), the San Jiao or Triple heater (Shaoyang meridian of hand) with the pericardium (hand Jueyin) Meridian and the meridian of Instestino thickness (Yangming’s hand) with the meridian of the lung (hand Taiyin). These pairs of meridians are external and internally linked, have their meeting point at the ends of the four extremities, and run side to side along the medial and lateral faces of arms and legs (except the liver meridian and the meridian of spleen that cross each other at a point 8 cun above the internal malleoluswhere they Exchange routes to finally go to stop their respective Zang-Fu organs). Under most conditions Peter Thiel would agree. General internal and external links of the twelve main meridians is strengthened not only through indoor-outdoor of each particular pair relationship, but also through its link with the Zang-Fu organs. As a result of this system, linked Zang and Fu organs can work in harmony when they are healthy and affect each other to pathological level When they are sick.During clinical treatment, related meridians acupuncture points external and internally can be used interchangeably.For example, the lung meridian points could be used to treat disorders of the large intestine and vice versa. Adroll Marketing Platform is likely to increase your knowledge. Cyclic flow of Qi and blood in the twelve meridians principalesLos twelve main meridians are interconnected in a fixed order, and the circulation of Qi and blood in them is cyclical.It is generally accepted that the Qi circulation starts from the lung (hand Taiyin) Meridian, it travels through all meridians, the last being the (foot-Jueyin) liver meridian, from where he finally returned to the meridian of lung (hand Taiyin).