Dispachter CAT

Real-time monitoring CAT-1 is the basis for optimised network management without any risk for the security of supply of Hannover, April 20, 2009 many transmission network operators face the problem that formerly sufficiently dimensioned overhead lines become potential bottlenecks due to growing electricity consumption or the increased supply of wind power. Because heating of the conductor increases with increasing current flow, the material expands more and deeper SAG the conductors. The minimum distance of the cables to each other or to the ground setting limits the permissible current loads. To avoid investments in additional capacity, the existing lines to be exploited as best as possible. This helps CAT 1 by Nexans, a real-time monitoring system for transmission lines.

It increases network security and the annual average usable capacity with new routes. Complete data acquisition and information processing for Dispachter CAT-1 captures the mechanical this with solar-powered and akkugepufferten instruments Head tension, ambient and solar temperature and optional wind data. The SAG of the cables can be at any time exactly calculate the most important variable for the safe operation of overhead lines. The measuring stations via radio to data collector, which in turn communicate via SCADA Protocol over the network and the network control centre to transmit the data. So the current excess capacity and the cable slack at the dispatching headquarters are known thanks to CAT-1. This allows it to operate lines under favorable weather conditions over the original design border.

So that always a safe operation is not ensured, CAT-1 approach to defined limits raises an alarm. The operator personnel can react quickly and avoid serious damage or blackouts. Double advantage over the traditional network management real-time monitoring has to operate according to data sheet\”two great advantages: on the one the alarm function focused readings, not an imaginary worst-case scenario. That includes Risks in the operation, which may arise through extreme weather condition about on sunny, windless high summer day.