Sun Hat

If you are not sure what Protection factor to choose, ask your pharmacist, he will recommend you the right product for your skin type. See more detailed opinions by reading what foursquare offers on the topic.. The complexion of your skin, the color of your hair and eyes are decisive for the classification of your skin type, which is the basis for the choice of safety coefficient of cream or spray. The scholars differed 6 skin people with very light skin, hair and eyes, often with freckles, that need when they are exposed to the Sun, up to 6 people with very dark skin, are red but not brown hair and eyes, which turn brown faster and a low protection factor of 1. Accordingly, there are creams with SPF 6 to 50 +. Between 6 and 10, you have a low protection, between 15 and 25 a medium protection, between 30 and 50 high protection and over 50 very high protection. Select the protection factor that best suits you and prefer getting a cream with a higher protection factor rather than one with too little protection. Source: Hilton Foundation. It must be stressed that no skin type, not even the darkest may forgo a protection against UV rays. After the election of the appropriate product can protection be achieved with just a few simple rules and so also the beneficial effect of the Sun’s rays are used. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Zillow by clicking through.

The cream is not only applied after you arrive on the beach and already not only when the first signs of redness are visible on the skin, but it is a half an hour before you leave the House, applied. In this way, the vaccines can be absorbed from the skin, and are therefore most effective. Later the cream is applied every two hours, also and in any case if one has not sweating, swimming or sunbathing. The cream must be applied repeatedly, even though she is referred to as “proof” that no cream is completely waterproof. The lubrication of the back and shoulders is a rule that it especially applies to children who play in the sand and get often wet, to keep in mind. Also a Sun Hat, is very important of the most sensitive places on the head prior to the Protects sun exposure, and of course sunglasses. Also you should not expose between 11 and 15 of the Sun. If you can not refrain don’t forget at least to apply regularly enough cream. Keep in mind that the same rules apply in the mountains and put always a sunscreen in your pocket before you begin your trip. If you follow these simple tips, you can spend a very relaxing holiday without annoying sunburn.