All Lights Are On Green

InterCaravaning presented at the caravan Salon Dusseldorf the ‘green wave’ Koblenz, July 28, 2011 also in this year the InterCaravaning from 27 to 4.9.2011 at the caravan salon in Dusseldorf is represented. Titled green wave”retail chain presents 10 new product solutions and tips around the issues of weight and energy saving for more ecological responsibility of Europe’s largest caravanning stand C43-07 in Hall. The automotive industry makes it and also the mobile home and caravan industry working on alternative drive systems and eco-friendly product solutions. Until the first production-ready mobile homes with hybrid on the market, will take a few years. But this does not mean that we and our customers not already direction can go the first steps organic and sustainable action”, so Patrick Mader, CEO of InterCarvaning. InterCaravaning presents interested visitors on the stand tips and product solutions, the new and old mobile To be able to operate home more energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly. Already with comparatively little effort, the customer saves not only his purse, but also the environment. Weight-saving tips are still equipped many motorhomes with gas cylinders made of steel.

At two empty gas bottles come together so quickly a total of 22 kg. Switching to aluminum bottles, owner of a mobile home 10 kg weight can save and thus almost half the value. The same applies to the sleeping area. Who replaces the old wooden slatted frame against lighter bed systems in his motorhome with four beds, you can save up to 7 kg per bed, so a total of 28 kg. Weight can be saved also in the television. Caravan and motorhome owners who replace their old CRT/tube TV with a flat screen, also again save 7 kg.

Total account for 45 kg weight. Tips to save energy also can make camping friends much to reduce energy consumption. The exchange of an old TV with a flat screen with LED technology reduces not only weight, but also the Power consumption. InterCaravaning offers its customers also individual solutions for complete solar systems. Tailored to their individual needs, motor home and Caravan owners can produce their own clean energy. This protects the environment and the wallet. But even smaller measures, such as the use of energy-saving LED recessed spots, instead of the conventional lighting, are very effective in the long term. Interested on the stand of the InterCaravaning receive many more useful tips and information. InterCaravaning fair purchase visitors who plan within the framework of the caravan salon to buy a new caravan or caravan, Europe’s largest caravanning retail chain offers a special incentive. At the time of purchase, InterCaravning gives its customers their first holiday in the form of four days on a campground of your choice. Here, buyers can choose from over 60 different campsites in Europe. Highlight a sweepstakes in which a go-cycle E-bike will be raffled as the top prize expected to campers at the exhibition stand. So are Travelers at the resort of environmentally friendly mobile.

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