Visit A Different Museum

The beautiful landscapes from Mendoza induce more to enjoy life outdoors than to visit a museum. And in the land of the Sun and good wine, it is almost impossible to see cloudy or rainy days that us demand to seek refuge indoors. Although, just as there are rides, landscapes, monuments and hotels in Mendoza that come out of the ordinary, we can also find very original museums that not us arrepentiremos visit, even if there is Sun. This is the case of the Americanist Valley Museum of Uyata. Located in the city of Rivadavia Department twenty that works both as a Museum and House of craftsman which can be accessed by appointment. A renowned regional artist specializing in ceramics opens his workshop for all those who want to know, admire and acquire his works. But he also generously shares with visitors a wide collection of silverwork, antiques, bottles and a wide and interesting series of relics of colonial life Mendoza. The museum boasts valuable archaeological material of the huarpe cultures and araucana, typical of the area, as well as other Aboriginal cultures of northwestern Argentina and neighboring countries.

This collection is completed with beautiful objects in ceramics made by the artist that immerse us in the everyday life of these peoples of pre-Columbian splendor. Decorated with a rustic and colonial style, this Museum workshop allows us to peek at the incredible cultural wealth of indigenous peoples from throughout the Americas, between handicrafts, musical instruments and clothing. Art and Creole customs say also present through a very important collection of farming implements and clothing from both Argentina and Chile, Peru or Bolivia. Handicrafts, made in metal, ceramic or stone, reflect the idiosyncrasies, industriousness and aesthetic sense individuals of each culture, becoming a window into the heart of these peoples that speak to us today, from the past. The Valley of Uyata Museum by appointment also offers a guided tour that allows you to soak up even more of the life of the primitive inhabitants of the mendocino soil. These that you seem to return to life among the instruments of tillage, pottery and handicrafts that constituted his universe daily. A universe so far, that we never think to experiment, and that becomes so close in this small corner of Rivadavia. And in this small museum that gives us another memory to store our holidays in Mendoza.