The Dream

Last time, when he was with the coldest minds, were few seconds, since the (damn) wake up made me return to reality even when I didn’t want to. Therefore as I said above this is only a hypothesis which I leave to you, to that of the same form that I still do, you yourselves also experience it and see that so some could be its premise. You ask is it easy to have lucid dreams?. If one does not intend it is capable of that never in life have experienced one, or if they did not remember. However it happened to me it is possible, but you need to practice and perseverance.

The experienced may have three or more lucid dreams per week. There are several techniques to apply in order to have lucid dreams. One of them is based on that in the dream the person repeats many of the things you do during the day; Therefore if during the day we do question though it may seem ridiculous, making us question we are awake? at the same time as: 1 – we look at the palms of the hands, or 2 – we enter and turn off the light key, or 3 – hit a door frame. And any of these actions on which us question if we are awake, we must do it several times a day to transform it into a habit, and therefore in the dream unconsciously repeat it. If this happens, to know you that this action implies a tic to verify lucid dreaming, so will happen. And this is so because in dreams physical consistencies are not in reality. The palms of your hands to mirarselo them at first sight look the same but continue fixed gaze, fingers begin to elongate and tune as if they were viewing them through a mirror that it deforms; something similar happens to strike a framework within a dream or how the light that one turns on and.