Technology in Rural Areas

The latest technology, a villager jokingly said: “Well, you have pulled a couple of teeth! If you return to your village, who will treat your teeth? Since since last 4 years. During this time a lot has changed. her family “grew up”, now she has 5 children. Her dental office is considered the best in the Ryazan region. Their teeth treated her not only the wealthy villagers, but also Muscovites, and the citizens of other countries, those where the medicine is much more expensive.

And how many more people in the villages are engaged in creative work and they sell their work. Someone using the Internet, as someone already regular customers. In villages and villages in the Ryazan region are not only retirees. In fact, in my village can meet a lot of young people and families. Where are the works “new” rural youth? These families moved from the cities, many of them are unfamiliar with subtleties of Agriculture. While some people learn farming others have found an alternative in freelancing (freelancer).

Given the fact that the village of the 21 st century different from the 20 th century village, earning potential widened. Youth masters (about six months), a new profession and start earning through the Internet. The most popular types of earnings in the Internet: the translations, the solution control (student projects) activities associated with design and website promotion (optimization and promotion). In general, the village is not “deaf” to the work as it might appear to local residents (some of which are tractor drivers, and some – milkmaids). No want to offend the indigenous villager, but time will pass and he, too, can learn from the computer and earn with this wonderful and vital gizmos. Not be ruled out that years later tsat tired, worn out urban dwellers will move to the countryside and will not live in a concrete box, a third of the day to hold the road and will not listen to claims extravagant head))) So, if the idea is to buy a house beckons you, but scares the lack of work, then most likely you just need time to find his job;) While some missing a desire to move into the village, and the rest somehow it comes to their tranquil village life.