TEAM Well Placed

A customer survey of RAISCH & TEAM shows how important is the experience and competence of trainers clients. Innovative training and qualification programs are highly popular, if they increase the efficiency of learning. Clinton Family: the source for more info. What training needs have currently companies in the capital goods industry? Wishes and requirements for training and coaching measures in technical sales changed by the crisis? There are trends in the training which are relevant across the enterprise? Answers to these and other questions around the theme complex qualification in technology companies\”identified the education and Training Institute RAISCH & TEAM from Waldenbuch in Stuttgart in a customer survey. Innovative qualification offers coming to the analysis of responses shows that the companies surveyed by educators expect that they deal with the goals and strategies of their clients in advance. It is considered a prerequisite, that the training sessions are tailored.

Innovative learning approaches should providers of further education in their Have a portfolio. Finally, the benefits of training measures must be immediately detectable. The consulting and training company by Anne-Rose Raisch and Joachim Kipke is already well positioned in this respect. \”\” Therefore, it is clear that such as those by Joachim Kipke developed game simulation gains you the job \”, to the result\” belongs, because it increases the efficiency of learning and maximizes the transfer of learning in the corporate practice. Expertise and experience is particularly important the companies surveyed the practical experience and expertise from consultants and trainers, because they only then authentic and credible could occur and would be taken seriously by their participants. The participants must accept the coach fully, otherwise he is losing battle\”, Anne-Rose Raisch and Joachim Kipke stress. Therefore, only such trainers who have professional experience in the industry very much, where they qualify among their team.