Christmas Time

An Eldorado for aestheticians and nostalgic is two exhibitions in the Museum of Brachttal Spielberg Brachttal-Spielberg (hop) – what because in the game Museum of jewels and exhibits from the 8th of March is to admire. The exhibition, which is to admire in the Christmas period, is a real treat. Eager members of the Museum and history, Brachttal Association have succeeded to provide two beautiful exhibitions on the legs. This is a mountain of work and so are all very well employed that opening next Sunday also everything is ready and Nice. A cobalt blue shows exhibits the Wachtersbacher earthenware factory. This color was primarily on special items that were taken only “for good” because of high production costs. Noble has been often do this with gold decorated, as well as in the coffee and tea service “Form Wachtersbach”. The production required several firing processes, the gold was applied at the end and fired at relatively low temperatures.

Da cannot it be avoided, that use the gold easily rubs off. Moreover that these rather rare pieces hand labour prevailed and the elaborate motifs caused a lot of work. So it is not surprising that today in collectors circles barely well-preserved pieces found. It is all the more remarkable, therefore, what could be worn together. There is so much to see. That it not only must be seen, ensure the experts who hope to get, so that they can provide both practical and theoretical information to inquisitive until then corresponding rock samples from the Saxon Annaberg-Buchholz. The second exhibition showed things from the 1950s and early 1960s. That was the time of the awakening, a piece of intact world.

There was a time, as the person in the State was something worth, people lived in extended families and one was there for the others. Perhaps this awakening is the reason for the fascination of the exhibition, you can escape the just at the present time, the then dominant optimism. No matter, whether Furniture, technical, books, clothing, toys, articles of daily use and real luxury, everything is lovingly compiled and arranged. It notes clearly the joy the makers with which they are to miss its exhibition with the indicated rooms, such as living or children’s room, the finishing touches. This is certainly in part, that it still a really experienced period so for many members of the Association, a throwback to the good old days. Helma Schafer is the hell Steinerin Helma Schafer Museum from some of their clothes by a large portion of time available. This is clothing which has not only myself wearing it, but above all himself sewn. Then they formed still chic, if you went out and so, these dresses are real gems of great materials. So that visitors can plunge right in this time, there is also complete in a timely manner. There, in the kitchen, there is a book corner with old books, magazines, picture books and Catalogues. Everywhere we hear music of the time, such as, for example, “all Paris dreams of love” or that “Elisabeth Serenade”. Even the food is contemporary, coffee and cakes such as in nuts, real milk mix drink no milk shakes, that’s important. Even the “blonde Angel” is served, the hit of the time, a mix of Sinalco and eggnog. The greatest desire of the makers of these two shows is that many guests arrive, enchanted settle in time from 14 h until 17 h and himself after a nice afternoon some vibrancy and happiness to take home. Barbara Hoppe