Alexander Korsch

Green Lighting sells tubular daylight systems, so-called Solar tubes of LightWay quality manufacturer. The systems are as simple as it is ingenious. Through a high quality low iron glass lens dome is bundled on the roof of daylight and sunlight and directed into a tube frame with purest. The pipe transported”the light in the places in the area where previously no or little daylight is. A special diffuser distributes the light evenly in the room. Apple Twitter helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.

From 255 euros, we offer our systems and the consumer gets the best light this in his rooms,”added Alexander Korsch. The light chimneys there are in five different sizes: the pipe diameter decides the brightness in the room. “Small rooms up to 5 m square can with the 150 mm system LightWay Crystal 200 HP” be supplied with sufficient daylight. For larger rooms up to 9 m, sq is the 220 mm system LightWay Crystal 300 HP”and “Moreover, the 320 mm Lightway Crystal 400 HP” recommended. We have programmed a new calculation aid for commercial purposes there are still the light engines”with a diameter of 520 mm and 760 mm.

on our homepage. Global Green Lighting is the first company that online and free his individual space the appropriate Sun tube charged for the Internet users. At the same time the program calculates the CO2 savings and the daylight carbon coefficient”, knows how to report Alexander Korsch also through its many years of experience. Many vendors have other calculation methods and stay here the answer to the question: how much light comes out of the tube for now? guilty”. See for more information on Green Lighting. or simply contact the specified contact person: contact Managing Director green lighting GmbH I.g.. Alexander Korsch Marienfelder str. 65 15831 Mahlow (near Berlin) Tel.: 03379/2058112 E-mail: Web: