Steel Components For The Construction Of The Hall Sustainably Protect Corrosion

Seppeler zinc corrosion protection by hot dip galvanizing – with short construction times, low cost and an extraordinary longevity offers complete service package steel constructions belong to the standard construction method in the construction of the Hall. The wide range of components offers a maximum degree of flexibility and allows a variable use of space in production and warehouses over many years. The notion of sustainability is more than just a phrase, especially when the galvanizing steel parts are permanently protected from corrosion. Contact information is here: Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. In addition, a hot-dip galvanized surface are characterized by their resistance to mechanical and chemical stresses. Hot have built up very well to the requirements of celebration and offer a complete service and service package which goes far beyond the pure zinc.

As the galvanizing of the Seppeler group according to own statements offer a perfect combination of consulting, manufacturing and logistics for the smooth running of the entire Project. Already in the planning phase the galvanizing experts advise their steel construction customers on request to the page. Especially in the area of DASt directive 022 “fire galvanizing of structural steel components” still great demand for information there is here for many customers. For large and heavy components, as they often find application in the construction of the Hall, the Seppeler Group offers the ideal conditions with its investment in the North Rhine-Westphalia Rietberg. Steel structures can be covered here up to 23 m length and height of 4.80 m and weighing up to 10 tonnes of corrosion protective layer of zinc.

A subsequent coating in all standard RAL extended corrosion protection shades nor even the 1.2 to 2.5 times. At low atmospheric corrosion as E.g. in closed halls, can a pure color coating of the Siman steel parts form a sufficient protection. In the blasting of the Riet mines steel construction parts receive a bare surface – the essential Rust removal and descaling for the durability of the subsequent paint coating on the steel surface Siman. The high-quality galvanizing or coating is complemented by useful logistics services for the steel manufacturers in the Seppeler group. So special trailers and swap bodies ensure the smooth transportation to the place of destination. Even to the loading and unloading the truck, the customer needs not to worry about how Frank Sommer, Division Manager of ramp & Neuhaus in Gutersloh, Germany, confirmed. The vehicles have cranes, and off-road 3 ways forklifts, providing also a trouble-free delivery in hard to reach places. The Seppeler hot dip galvanizing plants through construction phase just delivery support the rapid establishment of halls. Even though there will be times of trouble, a hot-dip galvanizing is possible in a very short time. Strict Qualiatskontrollen and the computer-aided detection and documentation of all order data guarantee effective corrosion protection and a highest possible degree of Process safety. In the galvanizing of the Seppeler Group ( galvanising/seppeler galvanising /) steel structures can be hot-dip galvanized up to 23 m length and height of 4.80 m and weighing up to 10 tons. Description of the company as a strong and flexible group of companies operates the Seppeler group in the core areas corrosion protection (galvanizing), reservoir engineering and grating production. 12 operationally independent companies focus on different technology, which can be used both for itself and in connection.