Stay Relegated

After reading the title, perhaps something enigmatic, this article may have a question mark and arising out of the two questions that go through your head at this time and that led you to enter to see what it was. These two questions may be: 1) to which deals exactly with this assertion? (2) it is not a phrase somewhat exaggerated? The second question I answer that: is never exaggerated the mention, because the technology has been responsible, in this case Internet, set a limit point, which determined a marked and significant difference between companies, businesses, professionals, or people who use this technology, and which not. This new technology have come not only to stay, but to perpetuate itself, and to change our habits, customs and habits, well you can not take them into account, ignoring them or also judge that they are here but dispense with them, anything is possible; But what can not is avoid its clear, remarkable, outstanding and increasingly more continuous presence. So, responding to the first question, the title of this article is nothing more and nothing less than a tangible and consistent reality and who does not reach to understand him, unfortunately, will be relegated, or to not be so alarming, will have fewer tools or possibilities that who has at his disposal the network of networks to communicate with the world, and this last isn’t an exaggeration. There is a saying out there that the train passes just once, I don’t think it is as well, but aside from this, what I think, is that in the train of the internet we must raise us all, and if you’ve not yet done so I have a question for you what are you waiting for?. If you look at some little kid, children, grandchildren, nephews or similar, that you see near you, you’ll be watching a person who will be in constant contact with others in the very near future, naturally interacting with peers in a daily, constant practice, and for them, normal.