Special Reporte

There are other categories, but for my these areas of the technology they are preparations for the future improvements. I want to give an example him of how this beginning to be used and as it would improve the use of the technology with respect to the Health related to the care of the people without concerning binding where they live: It imagines the future of the benefit of services of health. Mickey Hart gathered all the information. The doctor who exerts in a remote town of Latin America that can be consulted with a specialist located in John Medical Hopkins Center. In real time the rural doctor can send and receive vital radiological and metabolic tests and the results. We imagine that the medical scientists, the doctors and university medical centers of consultancy in their data will allow the devices of movable telephony. Some of these technologies already exist at present, but the future it is going to be fantastic. To invest in stock market in action of technology of the Nasdaq Hay several ways to invest in the technology area. Stock-market of values offers that possibility to us and besides the actions of diverse the Nasdaq Index we can find ETFs that gives the possibility of investing us in specific sectors of technology.