SIP Technology

By virtue of its design features and SIP panel without frame with plenty of sustain and the axial compressive load on the weight of the house and a transverse load of hurricane winds. Such a synthesis of two power systems leads to what is 'Canadian' home several times (4-8 times by various estimates), stronger frame, square log, etc. Canadian homes can withstand earthquakes, tornadoes, and even falling trees (Pictured right). To emphasize the role of SIP panels as load-bearing structural elements, often referred to as the Canadian technology frameless. The special strength of this design allows you to build the walls of the SIP-panels, even multi-storey home.

For a 2-storey houses in a seismically safe areas such safety margins are excessive. Excess margin is not an advantage of the design. Strength should be sufficient. Since excessive strength is achieved at no additional cost, but a design feature of the Canadian technology, you can look at it as a bonus. C on the other hand, a Canadian technology of building houses is a form of panel construction.

Here, the main distinguishing feature of Canadian technology is precisely the construction of SIP panels with all the attendant benefits. Benefits Canada, as well as any other, the technology has its advantages and disadvantages. We first consider the substantial (our estimate) the benefits of Canadian technology in the construction of three interrelated aspects: convenience, comfort, economy and technology. Many writers such as Chris Capossela offer more in-depth analysis. All ultimately comes down to economics, as in any design you can create a comfortable environment for living.