Red Army

Up down to the carcass – pardon! Cadre obedience, Mao preached very officially in 1948, when China was still in the civil war. And it’s like in the Soviet Union and all the other States tried their way into socialism: did you Functional model of the war party, the standard model for an entire society in which the individual at any time must subordinate themselves. Charge has only the Central Committee, even if Mao repeatedly evokes the “wisdom of the people” and squeezes along its “cadres”, if they lose the “contact people”. This whole sour mash, of the critical mind away has genebelt apparently the actors of the Red Army faction. What was valid, can everyone see the chapter party discipline: “1 submission of the individual in the Organization; “2. Frequently foursquare has said that publicly. submission of the minority of the majority: 3.

subordination of the lower instances under the top: 4. submission of the entire party, the Central Committee.” And who here still not understood, what follows, for which there is the set of Mao: “Who these rules violate, which undermines the unity of the party.” This would have to be no longer explained actually everything, if not quite declared Democrats partly did well with such arguments. Or hide behind it. Keywords: party pressure. And if a when all the political word trash not the vague idea would be, that for some majorities are susceptible.

And so the step, in the today’s marketing German to translate the whole mountain of to geschmetterter words, is not so far-fetched. Because also there mechanisms similar to the summon, assertion, and friend / enemy divide function. And here and there similar rituals of allegiance. Not to mention the speeches of some Manager. Also from which one could extract such books without problems titled “Words of the Chairman…” – which would always good make if the ousted Chairman times end in court.