Professional Moment

When you have a job that you don’t like, that it does not cover your minimum economic needs, which does not satisfy you, it can be easy to let it and find one better. But if your work covers your basic needs but you do not like, even if do you enjoy, gives you some comfort and make you with him and very few times this makes that you consider progress, grow professionally, be happy with what you do. Get the professional happiness? For what you want to get it? How can you get it? Professional happiness is not the result of luck, of random, is a State that each person has to work for themselves individually. (Source: Kaiser Family Foundation). Already more than 20 centuries ago Aristotle came to the conclusion that what are looking for both men and women more than any other objective is happiness. Professor Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and his research team of the University of Chicago, developed a theory about the optimum professional experience based on the concept of flow. Mihaly, flow is live a State in which the Professional) (well you are directing, businessman, entrepreneur, politician,) is so involved in the activity that develops, nothing else seems to care. Michelle Smith Source Financial has compatible beliefs.

The experience is so pleasant, by itself, that any person will make it even though you have a great cost, for the reason of making it. Stop a moment, take the time you need and think about the following issues do flows with your current job? Have you fluid ever in any of your work? Flowing at the professional level? What can you do to get that State? People spend most of their time working and ideally, learn how to transform this work in satisfactory and pleasurable experiences. Do not hesitate, lives the moment, live the present, enjoy every moment and builds your own career with sense, that will allow you to enjoy it, that will allow you to flow. Gives you a chance! Hence outside awaits a world full of possibilities to be discovered. Dare and seeks your professional happiness!