It is recommendable when the surface has imperfections and allows the application of different types from paintings (to the water or oily). Two people are needed to realise the procedure, one so that she paints with brush and the other scatters with the rag. Ideal to paint in pair! With brush to apply this technique, it must wets the brush with painting and to strike it against another drought so that it splashes on the wall. See more detailed opinions by reading what Mickey Hart offers on the topic.. The obtained finished one is as to pass a comb over the brush with abundant painting. The method is very simple and easy to do. A base is needed painting of any color and can be splashed with the same color or be contrasted with one different one. Gotel Is a technique that is realised with painting the plastic water mechanically or in walls or ceilings.

Ending an effect in relief in the form of small drops is obtained. Marmolado This technique consists of obtaining finishing that it imitates to the marble. She is very arduous, but the final result deserves the effort. First it is necessary to apply a painting layer in a smooth color, before curing to pass a rag so that the painting is not uniform, and then, with a finite brush to draw irregular lines similar to veins of the marble. Once realised the lines they become blurred with a brush.

Stuccoed a painting is not applied, but it grazes of lime and pulverized marble. It is used for the decoration of the walls and the definitive finished one is due to varnish with turpentine spirit and wax. Lacado is applied a varnish with lacquer or enamels to walls or furniture, obtaining smooth and smooth finishing to the tact. In order to be able to apply it is needed it totally smooth surfaces. Generalemtne, is advisable to apply one plaster hand previously or enduido plastic. Craquelado With this technique we obtain ending effect of cracked and desparejo. One obtains this finished by means of the dust mixture of chalk and acrylic painting. You slide is realised in smooth walls and the finished one is an optical water effect and marmolados can be obtained until imitations of. Scattered With this technique we can print drawings, stamps, etc. on the wall or furniture. It is realised through a plate mold trimmed with the figure to print on the surface, next is applied the painting; with taken care of the mold retires and appears the decoration. Become blurred Generally they realise the professionals because for its accomplishment a pistol is needed that degrades the color from a maximum intensity to a very smooth tone.