Understanding the path that must be followed to move from an organization centered on the product to a customer-centric organization is fundamental to define a suitable action plan. The maturity model in CRM helps you understand which are the stages by which it is necessary to pass. Before the changes of the economic environment and the revolution of the current information, to which the client has access it is necessary that organizations pass an approach focused on the handling of product to a focus on the customer schema. This does not guarantee the success of a business strategy, but if you avoid largely disappear from the market. Essex Financial Services takes a slightly different approach. With some ideas in this article we want to give a framework of analysis and methodology so that you, as responsible for the strategic development of the Organization, able to generate an initial overview of how to find the way to locate customer as the Center and axis of movement of your organization with the clear objective of generating greater profitability and do much better than the other actors in the market.

The model of CRM maturity allows to evaluate than as prepared the organization found in four specific and critical dimensions to achieve a centralization on the client. The organization can assess at what level is and what are the characteristics required to move to a next level. This framework is not my much less the absolute truth, but serves as a reference to identify the important elements towards a CRM strategy. Sets the characteristics of 4 levels for which a company must pass for transformed from being a business center in the product to a company Center in Los client 4 levels of maturity that has established the team Kit are practical CRM consultant: 1. product 2 transactional client-focused organization. 3 Market-oriented processes and people. Technology integration with 360 of 4 customer Vision.