The technology allows us, increasingly, adapt faster and more effectively to the continuous changes that suffers from the market at a time of crisis, that capture them and respond to the need for them, have made these tools essential for everyday use. All these developments are not only directed to large enterprises, but to any company regardless of its size: micro-enterprises, SMEs and multinationals, and even being able to also adapt individually to the needs of each client. Some of the advantages of Web 2.0 tools can be summarized in: one hundred think better than one. The possibility that employees and customers contribute ideas for improving the Organization, products or service. Give greater visibility to the company on the Internet. It is necessary to increase the channels by which a customer can get know us, not only through a corporate Web site, but also through social networks or forums of discussion. Place the confidence of the client as the first criterion.

There is no better advertising than a customer comments satisfied, and for that to happen it is necessary to provide them with a channel where you can freely express themselves. Offers us a new way to display the human and personal side of our business. It is easier to reach new customers, using an advertising focused on people with the same interests. The framework is the Internet. All tools must be easy to use and use the Web browser, as a unique program to access them, which universalizes the applications using standards. You can know more about 2.0 in the course of web positioning original author and source of the article