Mr Wulff

Yes, and there were such politicians, like you could see and hear. “You’re leaving repossessed?” That would not be good for our country. In the second round already the air went out a couple of these political clowns and they were honest and had the wind up, to perhaps its mandate in question. Everything that’s happened in this election really was. Bare fears for career came in the third round, House and yard on the last in the 625, exactly 6 piece exactly you are the worst of all, disrespectful to the candidates and the German people, they have driven their inappropriate, irresponsible, perverse game and especially Mr. Gauck and again their own candidate. None of these two experienced men didn’t deserve that.

At least these 6 should be ashamed, make and show responsibility by simply resign and disappear from our eyes off their Narrenkappen. It was crystal clear that ultimately the left, why not closed would choose whatever Mr. Gauck and knew everyone, all, and that it is not did missed their profession as a politician in responsibility, in a German Parliament. No, not the left has held this disaster, but only these 6 and those who have laid out the red carpet for their show them. This carpet roller wear against better knowledge the main responsibility for this ugly story, in which were two great people, like Mr. Gauck and Mr Wulff, both for the worst injured and humiliated. You are the instigator of the 6. I apologize, instead of 6 and their rug rollers, for this unbearable story in our new President Mr Wulff, wish him understanding for all of us, and when Mr. Gauck, a big man who would have been a good President, but never could win this election.