Lantern Sky

Remember, one of us, as a child, did not miss from the hands of a balloon. The bitterness of the loss is quickly replaced by delight at the thought about what the heights reached in a few minutes is a miracle – in the imagination was drawn out into orbit, flying around the space station and, finally, open space, the stars – and on, on. A real chance again to let go of the hands to the stars my dream that it can soar high in the sky, there is now any of us. One has only to release sky lanterns into the flight – and your name, image, any wish to the stars. Flight of the celestial flying lanterns – a unique spectacle, which can leave no one indifferent. Seeing him picks it up and effectively illuminates the inside, creating a magical aura.

During the 20 minute flight lantern rises to a height of 200 meters, and the sky above you comes over the set of luminous stars. First began to run in the sky is the miracle of the Chinese several hundred years ago. In ancient China, sky lanterns were field signals during the hostilities. Civilians have adapted them for entertainment. Contemplating skyrocket lights, man gets more confidence in life. Chinese people believe that flying off into the sky lantern brings their wishes to the gods, and Thais are convinced that together with paper lanterns are sent away all the hardships.

A girl in India for more than three hundred centuries, trust departing miracle innermost desires. And today, sky lanterns have become an integral part of many celebrations around the world. Well, we – the nearest neighbors, as usual, learned about it recently. Heavenly Lantern is appropriate at any time, any place and on any occasion: holiday, birthday, dating, marriage, company anniversary, presentation, campaign, prom, children's party, picnic. On the lantern can be applied any individual inscription, the name of a child or loved one, the symbolism of the logo, it can be very different color and shape. Starting sky lanterns adorn any celebration, the best moments that can capture – is eyeful, charging positive emotions and remain in memory forever. It would be like to light up their star, let the dream to soar high in the sky above the earth's vanity, to feel the lightness of being and its unity with universe. Celestial flying lanterns can perform and advertising functions, to become an unusual and effective way during the presentation or corporate event. Source Financial Advisors pursues this goal as well. Just imagine the scale and spectacle run enormous, up to 6 meters Lantern with logo or your logo! Sky lanterns on the method of making and actions resemble a balloon. Shell made of rice is usually a heat-resistant paper, the base – easy Wooden rim, it secured the fuel cell. After igniting the fuel shell is filled with warm air – can make a wish and send the torch in a way. Height of flight depends on a number of conditions, from fuel and sizes Lantern, sky lanterns can sometimes rise above 1000 meters! Sky lanterns can be of different sizes, shapes and colors that allows you to select the flashlight on the mood and theme of the event. Start a flashlight – and gray weekday bloom with bright colors!