Internet Technology

Web 2.0 as a concept plays an important role in the Internet world, but this phenomenon has yet to have a significant impact on conservative business segment, such as e-commerce. In the near future this situation will change, because an increasing number of Internet stores that use Ajax technology and other ideas Web 2.0. Progenitor Web 2.0 describes the term as a new generation of Web sites that use the joint distribution, establishing contacts within the community, support for data tags, open application programming interfaces, remixes, etc. Ajax short name for a number of technology web development and a key element of the concept of Web 2.0, is used to create Web applications that are more convenient to use, have more opportunities for interactive communication and also work faster. Connect with other leaders such as Jennifer Carter here. Existing e-commerce sites may also have similar advantages and actively use them. Below are the main reasons why visitors abandon the purchase, as well as possible solutions to this problem.

1. Delivery cost is too high and never indicated to calculate the total price is obvious that this is the number one cause out of shopping for most people. The first step that need to do has nothing to do with technology. You have to understand that buyers will not pay extra for shipping and handling operations. People are not so stupid! They have more or less clear idea How much is shipping. Therefore, set low prices for delivery, or at least set them a reasonable level. The following method, which can dramatically increase conversion rates, "the use of new technologies for display basket and its contents at the top right of the page on which the visitor.