French Revolution

So, actually in the Ellen length of the reigning Pharaoh or even in the waist of the respective Regents was measured. In France alone, there were about 250,000 different units of measurement in the 18th century. With the enlightenment of the Renaissance the desire awoke slowly after a unification of the crowd – and equally in the science, policy and the economy. As for the goods and knowledge exchange across parcels – and country borders, you need uniform standards. Our today’s uniform length had to wait yet still until the French Revolution, where it originated.

As the basis for the normality of 1799 was under great hardships, a reference unit that is neutral and equal for all people searched and found: our globe. The 10-millionth part of the Earth quadrant on the Meridian through Paris should be the meter. Today, we know the small measurement error, which is then undermined the researchers, as well as the fact that our world is not the ideal of a ball. But what counts is the idea: a consistent, reliable and recognised level, on the basis of which we can communicate across borders. We pursue this claim until today. Because this is the prerequisite for our progress, which would not be possible without standards and standards – i.e. without industry – and cross-national comparability and quality assurance. The clean zone will be held on 22 and 23 October 2013 in the Hall of the Frankfurt trade fair grounds 1.1 instead of parallel to the CPhI, the world’s leading trade fair for active pharmaceutical ingredients.