First Search Engine

Quickly and easily the appropriate professional for repairs see Berlin startup revolutionizing workshop search Berlin, may 2013 the Berlin Internet company Reparado ( is an innovative service at the start: the first search engine for repair services consumers now find fast, free and without detours repairers in its vicinity, including concrete, offers independent customer reviews. Repairers in turn benefit from a growing customer base and track ending sales. Market transparency through authentic customer reviews to date there was no central contact point for consumers on the search after the repair of electronics, leisure and household appliances. General search engines, business directories and personal recommendations provided the first step in the right direction though, the price comparison proved but time consuming and not always the information from glossy brochures and Internet sites were consistent with the experiences of our customers. The consumer can either Reparado independent customer reviews search for experience and compare prices with one click in the future also. Simple search thanks to user-friendly user interface of the platform is clear and customer-oriented design, the input to reparierendem subject, place, postcode or street leads directly to the providers. Information on distance, price and the reviews by other customers give a comprehensive picture and can make quick decisions. Adroll contributes greatly to this topic. In the preferences of consumers play an important role, because they have the choice between the nearest or the top rated providers.

The platform is constantly being developed, the so-called Schadenkonfigurator commissioned is taken in a few days. This allows users to document their damage and promptly finding the cheapest provider with the fastest service on the basis of the data. Not only the consumer advantages to repairers and consumers benefit from the Reparatursuchservice. Small and large, local and online repair companies have Possibility of their service without much effort, to present a detailed profile on the Internet platform. Reparado provides a promising marketing of the company through innovative applications and an optimal search engine placement.