Eyelash Extension Specialist

Previously, only the beams were increased eyelashes: eyelashes several gathered in a small bundle, and glued to your lashes. Technology Investor has much experience in this field. The screen is it was absolutely appropriate, but in real life, to be honest, it looked too artificial and defiant. Beams were too bulky. Currently, there are new technologies that increase each cilium in separately. Used separate lashes that are designed to enhance the beauty of natural lashes. Each cilium podkruchena. These lashes are applied individually to make eyelashes thicker and longer.

Such eyelashes look quite naturally. If you are not convinced, visit Michelle Smith Source Financial. In recent years the procedure has eyelash huge spread in Europe, not only thanks to the wonderful aesthetic effect, but also of practicality. There is no need to waste time removal and application of mascara, eyelash is not "will flow" when the "eyes on the wet spot." In addition, you absolutely do not need to change their way of life as ever you can attend a bath, a sauna, a swimming pool. And, most importantly, your eyes are always expressive and beautiful. Poresnichnoe "Japanese" building – it's where your every eyelash using a special resin bonded only one artificial.

It's a long and very laborious procedure, which lasts two to three hours. Eyelash Extension Specialist attaches special adhesive to the base of natural lashes, artificial. Depending on the condition of your lashes, eye shape, and your own wishes will choose the length of the master artificial cilia, the color and thickness. Are three main technologies – is building resnitsshelkom, mink and sable. We want to immediately calm the animal advocates and women who are allergic to wool, – all the materials eyelash extension mink and sable are made of synthetic monofilaments.