Employment Directive

WHAT WE HAVE 1. products (good or bad – does not) 2. site 3. potential customers who are in constant search for our products 4. Yandex problem: with step 4 to find and bring to the site the maximum number of customers the best (not to be confused with the minimum) prices. INITIAL SETUP Direct – is compressed to limit the advertising information in the form of text ads. Good News 1. The text of "income" to a man faster than a picture (so banners extinct).

2. We have a whole 2 seconds to show your ad and convince a potential customer to buy our product. 3. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from PropertyNest. Our good text "reach" to the customer faster. Bad news 1. There are also 50 firms wishing to sell their goods for by our beloved customers. That, in principle, not so bad – will be the background on which to stand.

2. Among the competitors are bound to be professionals, which may complicate our task. 3. Among the competitors there pro with an unlimited budget, what can reset our chances of full success. Moral: we must be smarter and, in some cases, wealthier competitors. 'Check for lice' Employment Directive (not only) begins with the study competitive environment. Take the example of one of the worst requests – "plastic box". Checking for the presence of competitors weaknesses begins with a simple action. Go to the form of matching words that indicate your region, write "plastic box" and look for "garbage". Under the waste means any inquiry, in which there is our key word and by which our announcement should not be broadcast.