Electronic Data Interchange

That's why software to manage customer interaction is an important tool for a retail business. This technology does not only help to win the trust of customers, but will also open for you new perspectives on the markets and help build a new business. In a nutshell, CRM-software will allow you to find a common language with their clients, to determine the market segment and then easily communicate with them via e-mail, phone, etc. Some POS-terminals already include the possibility of CRM-products and I recommend using just such a system, since in this case information will not be duplicated and you can get it in one place. This, in turn, re-save your time. In any case, CRM-programs can be purchased separately or supplied as a module to a POS-terminal. Therefore, they are a separate category.

3. Barcode scanners and barcode UPC Simply put, bar code scanners allow you to release products on the point of sale is much faster and with fewer errors compared to the input data keyboard. Do not forget about the inventory … Just think about the consequences of entering an incorrect number of goods. Inventory – a vital base for business and accuracy plays a major role. And mistakes can lead to lower sales, higher costs and wasted time. I also want to note that if your product already has a barcode UPC, you can use them without having to label their products barcode. It also saves a lot of time. 4. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) EDI-technology allows you to send purchase orders (orders generated by the software of POS-terminal) to its suppliers through phone line or Internet.