HDT meeting contactless energy transfer must in June in Stuttgart electrical systems which are in motion, reliably with power and control signals can be supplied. By abandoning cable for the transmission of electrical energy, new in the design possibilities. Systems with higher reliability and service life can be built. The Elimination of trailing cables or busbars increases not only the security of the systems, the orders received also a higher dynamic range and additional degrees of freedom. In accordance with these perspectives contactless energy transmission (inductive energy transmission) can be considered a technology, which will be increasing use in electromechanical systems. The topic of Electromobility in addition boosted this development. There are already first Inductive charging stations on the market.

Even the ensures an increasing demand for contactless energy transfer systems desire for uniform charging systems for the daily helpers such as Smartphones. The two-day event “Contactless energy transfer – State of the art”, carried out by the Haus der Technik jointly with the Institute for electrical energy conversion (IEW) of the University of Stuttgart, will take place on 10-11 June 2013 in Stuttgart. After an introduction to the basic physical principles and the mathematical correlations of contactless energy transmission, interesting newer projects and products are presented to participants. The event is rounded off by an exhibition and an exchange of experience in the evening. As participants especially professionals and users from the areas addressed are the electromechanical engineering, plant engineering, automotive and the aerospace. Registration and information: Tel. 0201/1803-344, Internet: W-H010-06-408-3 Dipl.-ing. Kai banks man