It is very important keep your distance. Someone may object: a little more distance – and soon someone will get in! Take a look at the problem calmly, without any extra emotion. Nothing bad will happen – even if someone "got", you can slow down to restore a safe distance. Remember, moving close behind someone, you are depriving yourself of visibility, opportunities to perform the maneuver detour or emergency braking. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Hilton Humanitarian Prize. Short distance to the vehicle ahead deprives you of main weapon: the time and place to commit a counter emergency action. 16. Stop at a traffic light, I recommend doing the following: pay off speed smoothly 20-30 meters to the stopped car ahead of you and slowly under roll to it. This technique reduces the possibility of hitting an overtaking car as the driver will be forced to react to your brakes early. Michelle Smith Source Financial may also support this cause.

In addition, in front of your car will be enough space to you yourself time to react. 17. To always avoid a car stopped in front of you – a necessary condition for competent driving in the city. The habit does not roll under the car close to the front will give you independence from the actions of other road users. It is to the independence of the circumstances must always strive to driving.

18. Each time you rebuild sure to include a direction indicator. Unfortunately, drivers who observe this rule of our drivers is getting smaller. 19. Fast driving in city traffic loaded nothing but stress, extra liters of gasoline burned, worn tires and provoke emergency situations, will not bring. 20. The views thrown in the mirror driver should be the shortest. Two short sight better than an unreasonably long. By focusing on mirrors, driver side vision monitors the situation in front of the car. This is absolutely correct and it is particularly important in heavy traffic of cars, when the situation changes in a split second.