Decorative Ponds Garden

Build a pond in the garden of the dream of many, but not everyone decides to take this step, believing that it is troublesome, time consuming, requires some knowledge and material costs. By building your first pond, its hands, I first thought about how to provide for themselves defended warm water for watering plants in the greenhouse I. When the pond was ready and wanted to decorate it with decorative plants. So was the corner of the main decoration our garden. After the first season of operation it became clear that caring for a small pond rather difficult. In extreme heat the water in it was green, and watering had to take not 10-15 buckets as usual, but more than half of its volume.

So for the next year studying literature and the stock of the necessary materials and began to build a new reservoir, a larger size. Used to waterproof polyethylene film. Online film is more often thickness of 150-200 microns (the width of the sleeves 1.5-2.0). Because the home is securely glued film is difficult, the future size and shape of the reservoir has led to wide films (3-4 m). For decorative pond that is enough. Better use black film: it is more durable than transparent, suppresses weeds, creates the illusion of greater depth and naturalness of the pond. Location chosen for the pond behind the house, on the border garden. This site have most of the day illuminated by the sun.

Waters turned oval in shape, size 2.6 x 3.2 m, with a slope of the coast of 30-35 . Maximum depth – 60 cm Total surface area – about 5.0 m2. Digging began in the early spring, before the main garden work. At excavation continuously monitored horizontal edges of the pit level. To mount the film on the perimeter of the reservoir made earthen ridge height of 20 cm excavated earth laid on the north side of the pit, so that continue to use it for small devices rocky garden.