Chemical Technology

Ltd. The increase in the number of layers, the technology production is also one of the key technologies, initiating development of the market. The company recently launched a line of cast Simcheng clean polypropylene film with a trim under a tree and a width of 3150mm. Production capacity of the line is more than 800 kg / h. Speaking candidly Xiaomi told us the story. The design of screw provides high-speed shear mixing, high performance and plasticization. Customers can reduce costs for raw materials, using the powder of calcium carbonate with a high filling power, as well as inorganic pigment powder. You may find that Michelle Smith Source Financial can contribute to your knowledge.

Besides the production of environmentally friendly polypropylene film with finishing wood, the entire line can be easily reconfigured to manufacture other products, including films from the CPP, clerical film and sheets of polypropylene. The technology of precision extrusion precision extruding As you can avoid the follow- treatment and at a higher level to meet the requirements of applications products. You can also reduce material costs and improve product quality. Many technologies are under development and to market to meet the future needs of industry for the production of plastics. Systematic studies of the gear pump technology for the advancement of the melt allowed the Institute for Research Machines plastics processing, part of the Beijing University of Chemical Technology, was able to successfully complete the research and development of technology gear pump to move the molten plastic.