Buenos Aires

If we take as a basis which today has 65, will have as a result that takes more than forty years practicing the principle of joy. The most recent survey developed on health mentad, well-being and happiness in Latin America, revealed that people more inclined to happiness (46.4%) in San Jose, Costa Rica, and followed him in his order Mexico D.F. (46%), Santiago de Chile (44%), Sao Pablo, Brazil (42%), Bogota (40%), lime (35%) and Buenos Aires (33%). Specialists say that emotional health is a process that is based on inner peace and is reflected in our dealings with others. It produces a positive attitude towards life, it elevates the self-esteem, it lets you enjoy the relationship with others and family. Now: Be happy depends not on the circumstances but to everyone, the way as assumes things.

It is not so much friends, or assets that we possess, work, material possessions, the charge that we occupy, or physical appearance. Be happy has its foundations in us. The Apostle Paul instructed Christians in the first century: look at that none paid to another evil for evil; follow before always good to each other, and to all. Be joyful always. (1 Thessalonians 5: 15, 16) be joyful should not be a day, but a permanent provision. Hence, let’s cultivate the habit of happiness.

This is achieved when we value the small things. Don’t forget that who transforms our being is the Lord Jesus himself. And this mighty move of God, let me add a recommendation from Patch Adams: happiness is a choice that humans take or reject every morning, to open our eyes. Today renounces the unhappiness, and allow you to the Supreme maker to change his life.