Bach Flowers

Distract yourself and think about a new hobby and sporting activities. Avoid companies where is usually smoked and ask Your friends who smoke to offer no more cigarette. Do good and talk about it. Teach your family and friends that you want to quit smoking. The more you talk and think, so much the better. Here involves the repetition effect that must be absorbed by your brain, according to the motto constant dripping wears away the stone. It is important that you think in small steps and sit as small targets.

It is much easier to reach them and the sense of achievement will give you new motivation to think to your next destination. Support and guidance who belongs to the addiction of smokers, nicotine patches can get from the pharmacy, to combat the physical withdrawal symptoms. Talk to former smokers and can be described, how she did it. Get any support and motivation you can get. If others did it, then get it too! Bach flower remedies Bach flower essences are ideal to smoking to give up, because they have no side effects. If you are still undecided, whether you want to stop at all with smoking, Scleranthus is a good recommendation, because these Bach Flowers strengthen the decisiveness. Production of mix in a 30 ml bottle following ingredients are placed: 10 ml of alcohol (brandy or brandy) 20 ml of spring water or mineral water (not distilled water) two drops from Stockbottle (cylinder) the following Bach Flower: 1 Agrimony 7 chestnut bud 12 gentian 16 Honeysuckle 18 Impatiens 33 Walnut this 30 ml Bach flower essence is about for six weeks.

Shake the bottle well before each use. Take four to five drops and pour it on the palms of your hand to record it with his tongue. You keep the drops for a short moment in the mouth before swallowing it down. The mixture should be taken four times a day. When the urge comes over after the cigarette, take a drop of gentian, mixed in a half-filled Glass of water and drink this mixture SIPs until the urge subsides. When strong withdrawal symptoms a drops the emergency can be taken, which is there in a half-filled glass of water. This solution should be drunk within a quarter of an hour.