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There are other categories, but for my these areas of the technology they are preparations for the future improvements. I want to give an example him of how this beginning to be used and as it would improve the use of the technology with respect to the Health related to the care of the people without concerning binding where they live: It imagines the future of the benefit of services of health. Mickey Hart gathered all the information. The doctor who exerts in a remote town of Latin America that can be consulted with a specialist located in John Medical Hopkins Center. In real time the rural doctor can send and receive vital radiological and metabolic tests and the results. We imagine that the medical scientists, the doctors and university medical centers of consultancy in their data will allow the devices of movable telephony. Some of these technologies already exist at present, but the future it is going to be fantastic. To invest in stock market in action of technology of the Nasdaq Hay several ways to invest in the technology area. Stock-market of values offers that possibility to us and besides the actions of diverse the Nasdaq Index we can find ETFs that gives the possibility of investing us in specific sectors of technology.

The Dream

Last time, when he was with the coldest minds, were few seconds, since the (damn) wake up made me return to reality even when I didn’t want to. Therefore as I said above this is only a hypothesis which I leave to you, to that of the same form that I still do, you yourselves also experience it and see that so some could be its premise. You ask is it easy to have lucid dreams?. If one does not intend it is capable of that never in life have experienced one, or if they did not remember. However it happened to me it is possible, but you need to practice and perseverance.

The experienced may have three or more lucid dreams per week. There are several techniques to apply in order to have lucid dreams. One of them is based on that in the dream the person repeats many of the things you do during the day; Therefore if during the day we do question though it may seem ridiculous, making us question we are awake? at the same time as: 1 – we look at the palms of the hands, or 2 – we enter and turn off the light key, or 3 – hit a door frame. And any of these actions on which us question if we are awake, we must do it several times a day to transform it into a habit, and therefore in the dream unconsciously repeat it. If this happens, to know you that this action implies a tic to verify lucid dreaming, so will happen. And this is so because in dreams physical consistencies are not in reality. The palms of your hands to mirarselo them at first sight look the same but continue fixed gaze, fingers begin to elongate and tune as if they were viewing them through a mirror that it deforms; something similar happens to strike a framework within a dream or how the light that one turns on and.

David Lachapelle

But really these terms could be a little wrong, because neither pragmatic nor surrealist described the work of Lachapelle, the idea is how, through its aesthetic show us how decadent our world either directly or forcing you to think. Consumerism, fanaticism, idolatry and other messages of a flawed society are printed on the paper, after being permanently recorded in the digital film of the photographer. Even so, this does not mean the aesthetic of their creations. Mick Jagger has plenty of information regarding this issue. The colors are a repetitive and element exploited to exhaustion in the works in this exhibition of Lachapelle. Bright colours, gradients and Visual harmonies with class, are only a part of the elements that give a new meaning to the expression of painting with light.

Also, part of the technique is the theatricality. In pursuit of the baroque spirit, the exhibition presents an excess of ornamentation and a theatricality so exacerbated that, together, create a strong magnetism for the eye of the beholder that can get lost in the expressions of the characters and trying to find his way back on the saturation of the boxes. Even so, leaving aside the semantic exercise and landing on own exercise of photography aesthetic perceptions, we can find much material to analyze. First of all, the use of light. All the works in the exhibition of David Lachapelle show the use of the light artificial and controlled to achieve the desired effects.

Here we see a light control exceptional that is almost tangible plastic works of Lachapelle success secret. Here, light is not only the primary material to capture images, colors and shadows in the camera, but here constructed and draws, is tracking for the eye lines and dominates the look of the characters that tell silent stories within the pictures. The light shows, many times, so obvious: are dismissed by the lights rays, are the coordinates of where comes and is reflected in the eyes of many of the beings.


It is recommendable when the surface has imperfections and allows the application of different types from paintings (to the water or oily). Two people are needed to realise the procedure, one so that she paints with brush and the other scatters with the rag. Ideal to paint in pair! With brush to apply this technique, it must wets the brush with painting and to strike it against another drought so that it splashes on the wall. See more detailed opinions by reading what Mickey Hart offers on the topic.. The obtained finished one is as to pass a comb over the brush with abundant painting. The method is very simple and easy to do. A base is needed painting of any color and can be splashed with the same color or be contrasted with one different one. Gotel Is a technique that is realised with painting the plastic water mechanically or in walls or ceilings.

Ending an effect in relief in the form of small drops is obtained. Marmolado This technique consists of obtaining finishing that it imitates to the marble. She is very arduous, but the final result deserves the effort. First it is necessary to apply a painting layer in a smooth color, before curing to pass a rag so that the painting is not uniform, and then, with a finite brush to draw irregular lines similar to veins of the marble. Once realised the lines they become blurred with a brush.

Stuccoed a painting is not applied, but it grazes of lime and pulverized marble. It is used for the decoration of the walls and the definitive finished one is due to varnish with turpentine spirit and wax. Lacado is applied a varnish with lacquer or enamels to walls or furniture, obtaining smooth and smooth finishing to the tact. In order to be able to apply it is needed it totally smooth surfaces. Generalemtne, is advisable to apply one plaster hand previously or enduido plastic. Craquelado With this technique we obtain ending effect of cracked and desparejo. One obtains this finished by means of the dust mixture of chalk and acrylic painting. You slide is realised in smooth walls and the finished one is an optical water effect and marmolados can be obtained until imitations of. Scattered With this technique we can print drawings, stamps, etc. on the wall or furniture. It is realised through a plate mold trimmed with the figure to print on the surface, next is applied the painting; with taken care of the mold retires and appears the decoration. Become blurred Generally they realise the professionals because for its accomplishment a pistol is needed that degrades the color from a maximum intensity to a very smooth tone.

Linguistic Programming

Even this, however, may be emotionally and psychologically exhausting. These people often struggle with self-image problems also. Adults that they get relief effects of agonizing facial tics and grimaces, can experience a new social connection. Their perception of themselves is changed, and they’re not afraid to experience life to the fullest. Young people who exceed the effects of this condition can be liberated from agonizing tension that hinders your social life, and joy instead of psychic pain can be experienced in childhood. Sometimes, medications, such as sedatives light, are prescribed for this condition. Although medications may decrease the incidence of these symptoms, medications can often cause unwanted side effects. Because of this, many people have turned to alternative treatments to help in treating your condition.

Two alternative therapies that have demonstrated great potential for helping people to overcome the nervous facial tics are hypnosis and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). These therapies are based on the strength of the person’s subconscious to help reorient the spasm. These treatments attempt to identify the source of the difficulty involved in the subconscious where the problem originates, and offer hope much closer to success, that traditional therapies, that only try to control the tics in the mouth, eyes flashing blinking, facial grimaces, ticks of grunts, or other types of impulsive behavior. Hypnotherapy helps the person being treated to enter a State of trance of rest and receive suggestions that allow them to release anxiety. Because tics are the result of anxiety accumulated in the body of a person, that the tension release will allow them to successfully manage the spasm. After several sessions, the client must be able to demonstrate ability to handle stress with success. Therapists who use NLP help customer focus your conscious will to use the stressful stimuli as new conduits for thoughts that will help you relax. In addition, the person who is taught to use a body part unrelated as a toe, to express the anxiety, you replace the way has been expressing through the facial tic.

Through the use of this technique, the person will allow is to handle the stress without resorting to a humiliating conduct. Another advantage of this is that the client does not have the side effects that other drug therapies often leave. For this reason, both hypnosis and NLP are often considered to be the ideal treatment for people who suffer from tics nervous in the nose, throat, etc., and because of that these therapies will not have undesirable social or physical side effects. This relieve much pain and suffering for the affected person. Summary: facial tics are often socially destructive and it can lead to extreme consequences. Children are more likely to show this difficulty, which may last into adulthood, but girls can also have difficulty with this. While several methods of treatment are available, hypnosis and NLP seem safer treatments, because they do not give rise to undesirable side effects and are very effective.

Rio De Janeiro

Some of the noticed effect more are trees with displayed roots, for the lack of oxygenation of the ground, barriers fallen in roads, ditches, barrentas waters of rivers, floodings, landslides of hillsides, mainly in places with mountain ranges and overload in the sewers, since the erosion distributes material drags through it. The inadequate exploration and the forest fires are, in Brazil, especially north-eastern, the great causers of the erosive action, that cause until the leaching, or assoreamento In more barren regions, with the northeast Brazilian, where the climate and the land contribute of course for the erosion, occurs, frequent, the phenomenon of the aeolian erosion, where the superficial material of the ground is carried by the wind. Still in the Cear, with the constructions of ways of access to the cities, cutting the natural lands with the asfaltos, the real estate speculation and the actions of improper, inadequate and bothering engineering totalemte in the edge speed up the process. With the time, technologies had been developed, in prol of the work in the agricultural area and the urban area of the state, however the lack of governmental concern with the ambient education of the population makes that these techniques are used to advantage and nor the minimized problem how much could be. The concern with the growth of the erosive process, mainly in the semibarren regions of Brazil, made some authorities, with the participation of representatives of several other countries, had organized River, in the city of Rio De Janeiro, with the approach in the study, the verification and the treatment that if must excuse to this question, being, this event, only followed in 2012, in the Rio+20, where these problems will be argued, including the use of technologies and the awareness concerning this fact. What it occurs in the present time, relation to the all the ambient, social problems and until politicians is the lack of the education, in the base of the learning, the beddings that are taught, or, in the case, they leave of being taught, and that they would have to be constructed in each being. Beyond attitudes governmental politics, as the well-taken care of greater in the rutais studies of impact (EIAs), and questions and city dwellers, as the serious problem of the waterproofing of the ground for asfaltos, they must be developed and be increased of responsibility and moral sense, the attitudes that we take with regard to the environment where we live, therefore we human being, we are born to live in community. Since daily pay-history we live in society and we are as soon as we must be, therefore the learning not if of the alone one. Ron Wood: the source for more info. The care with the residues that we leave, with the navy lands that we invade and many times we fill with earth, with air and the lagoons that polumos and with the example that we give to others are of basic importance so that all see, especially the authorities, that we do not live more in that society where all today closed the eyes for the problems, that before we thought to be little thing, but, know that if not to take precautions, will suffer in what more we must preserve, the life.

Stephen LBerge

Now you're in bed and your problem is completely relax your body, leaving the mind focused for the same awareness. The previous hour was used for training the intentions and motivations, it really increases the chances of success. Be focused and recognized succeeding dreams. In the book by Stephen LBerge "lucid dreaming world (Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming) describes the technique, which effectively helps to relax. Among them is 61-point relaxation. Desirable to explore relaxation techniques and choose for themselves the best. Reference to the 9 th video on YouTube again falls into bed. For more specific information, check out James Woods. Explains that if too hard to sleep after an interruption of sleep for 1 hour, you can set the alarm for another time, lies at a different time in the evening, etc.

Explains that need to relax your body during this step. Step number 9. Visualization of you gradually relax, almost meditative state. Same time as you can clearly visualize your rehearsed a lucid dream. You notice that your mind will plunge into a stage of REM sleep is very slow and will distract your attention with all sorts of disconnected images, impressions, conversations, etc.

It does not matter, use these "distractions" to translate its focus on these things and did not lose consciousness, again visualize their rehearsed a lucid dream, being already in this state of fantasy. So you should not suppress and repress any thoughts or fantasies are not associated with a lucid dream, they want to use. Be prepared to re-focus and visualize yourself aware, through identification of symptoms of sleep without leaving your crazy fantasy.

The Solution

Peale he meditated it, and then said: yesterday I was in a place where thousands of people have given me to understand that none of them has problems would like to join me? George replied: Yes, I’m going with my suffering to slopes, it seems the right place for me very well replied Peale smiling tomorrow morning will be happy to accompany you to the cemetery because the only people who I know have no problems are those that have given his soul to God. There is a solution for everything except for death, said my grandmother recalls that what is important is not what happens to you what is important is what you do with what happens to you take it as an opportunity to be part of the solution and not part of the problem. Ron Wood addresses the importance of the matter here. Keep in mind that one of the objectives of learning and applying NLP is also achieving good communication good communicators imported little rationalizations about why something is not they went well. Appropriate questions you will guide and help to being a good Communicator, to achieve effective communication with yourself and with others to be part of the solution and not the problem! Do you want to learn how to focus on solutions, namely to communicate effectively to obtain the results you want? find out something more of NLP and how to use it to improve your life? Visit our web site and you will get two free E-Books, with two powerful NLP techniques: technique of the anchor and the technique to disrupt and eliminate annoying mental States. Visit already same :> > and receive two free NLP books! Original author and source of the article


But it still has another etimologia, that if binds to the language Greek, associating Latin satire to the mythical figure of stiro, remembering one of its more excellent characteristics, already found in the old and transmitted comedy to the romance: the irreverncia. What it characterizes the satirical irreverncia is its denouncing and moralizador character therefore, in fact the objective of the satire is to attack males of the society, what it gave origin to the Latin expression: castigat ridendo moris, that if it can translate freely as ‘ ‘ to punish the customs for riso’ ‘. Therefore, for its denouncing character, the satire is essentially pardica therefore, if it constructs through the degradation of personalities, are these Reals or fictitious, institutions and subjects that, according to classic conventions, would have to be treated in high style. For even more analysis, hear from Henry Swieca. According to Arruda ‘ ‘ the satire laughs at subjects and people? serious? , to denounce what it has of rotten for backwards of the noble faade imposed upon sociedade’ ‘. (p.25 1991) FINAL CONSIDERAES Ahead the study in question, were intended to explain on relevance of the satire, as well as its inserted contextualizao the Latin language, that points the roots of the productions of great authors. Discoursing still, the origin and the importance of the satirical techniques, objectifying with the same the definitions and characteristics that the satire possesss, stop of this searching a result excellent, have seen, to be very common, almost defining its essence, that the satire strong is impregnated of irony and sarcasm, these that in turn that they represent great sources of literature, Roman who significantly influenced fort and Latin literature, representing summarily all a culture and a present clergy until the current days.

REFERENCES ARRUDA, J.J. History: Old and Medieval. 14 edition, So Paulo: It stokes, 1991. MARTIN, M.C. the Latin Language: its origin, varieties and unfoldings.