In general, the history of the world and your life – the story of emotions. Emotions – the root of all this, they urge us to action that we change their lives for better. So where did they come? What is their significance? What are the most intense emotions you feel constantly and how they shape your destiny? So how can we use emotions to improve our quality of life? Let's start with simple questions: How do you deal with emotions right now? We can distinguish four basic standard ways, as people do with the emotions: the first – they avoid them, they try not to feel like they are trying not chuvstovat emotion 'bytotvergnutym'. From this we get the following problem when people try to avoid 'failure', then most likely they will not succeed. This problem stems from the fact that we will take steps to MASSIVE changes, and it is likely that you will face with someone who will not agree with you. Fear eventually pochuvstovat a rejection, may prevent people create a relationship in which they will love or a sense of closeness or 'Special relationship', because fear of rejection will divert them from it. I want you to understand – You can not avoid all negative emotions, they are a part of your life. And they urge us to grow. Other people do not avoid them, they meet face with them, or worse – they deny them. These people are trying dissatsiirovat yourself from these emotions – such as trying to say, 'I do not feel so bad', 'they do not change their internal focus.

Pastor Christian Robert Stirling

TECHNOLOGY input electricity.-first we will focus to the electricity generation based on Central plants that produce the steam required to move electric generators. Here we refer exclusively to the huge plants whose energy sources are coal, gas, oil and nuclear, and that pollute or generate global warming gases. To counteract their growth and multiplication, you must develop and promote homemade electrical generator based on solar heat. This technology is easy and simple, and consists of 4 components as follows: A catch pan of Sun, a Stirling engine, a generator of 2.5 to 3.0 KWA, and a Bank of batteries with electric storage by up to several days of consumption. This equipment, you can also add an installation for a gas as a backup heater for cloudy days. A solar system of this nature could oscillate between 3 to 6 thousand dollars, does not require connection to a power supply, and can be located in any place where there is Sun, both urban and rural. The implantation of thousands and possibly millions of home computers, could stop increments of capacity of existing power plants, until the point in which the population of homemade equipment exceeds the capacity of existing plants. Closing Central plants, also releases the grounds where electric transmission wires pass through.

Some components of this home equipment, such as the electric generator and the battery bank are technologies that already has much exist. Only I would be remiss to give specifications to manufacturers to produce them. The solar dish requires design and manufacturing, then produce it by thousands as needed. Just missing the design and manufacture of the stirling engine. The stirling engine was originally designed by Pastor Christian Robert Stirling in 1816.