The Desconstruo of the modern citizen Inaugurador of a new was Metaphysical, the philosopher in the truth advanced more, helping to convert this idea into principle of moral behavior that, today, is desired to reduce to the technological injunction, when claiming, has one hundred years more than, that, ' ' although it is a necessary start, it is not only enough to be to be an only man: this would be to exortar to restrict you it you. We must pass of a diverse individuality to others and to live deeply the existence of a multitude of beings! ' ' (VP 1935, P. 389). The convergence of this idea with some teses of the main theoreticians of the cibercultura is notable, given that, according to same we recentssimos, them progressos technological verified with the appearance of the generating machines of virtual reality (simulation) and the telemticas nets of interaction try the creation of a responsible culture for the erosion of the modern subjectivity. More info: Peter Thiel. ' ' In this scope the old dualismos and the safe borders that characterized ideologically our cultural tradition is ranks in check. Radical separations as I-other, body-mind, creator-creature, truth-illusion, Real-unreal, among others – they are not more so clear and operational in the world of the relation man-mquina.' ' For the spokesmen of the thesis, the communication technologies would be, really and in special, promoting a multiplication of contacts knowledge whose resulted main, socially speaking, it is the gradual change in the effective conceptions on as if structure and functions ours I. The development of mechanisms of virtual interaction would be exceeding the opposition between sender and receiver, making us using interagentes of open nets and without center, in which ' ' the unstabler, multiple citizens if become each time and difusos' '. Through the machine, we start to live situations where not only cited I became multiple, fluid and opened but, moreover, he is having a rupture of the beginning of identity.

Soviet Union

Since the beginning of the Internet Relay online-TV is up quite a bit of time. However, without looking at a young age by the standards of television, online-TV has earned the favor of a fairly large audience. and indeed in the present time is unthinkable to imagine a life without telecommunications, as well as without intetnet television. Now the presence of home theater cable is connected from the uhf antenna is no longer the same condition for television viewing, with this purpose with far more convenience to be used a laptop. With the advent of broadband has decreased as the attachment point to connect to the Internet.

Now the connection can be absolutely anywhere in the world, via a wireless konnekta. At the moment, to validate the format 4G, and the standard will be deprived of a number of gaps available to previous version format. Recently LBS Market sought to clarify these questions. Also, advanced wireless konnekta primarily affect the rate of transmission of graphical information. According to experts' forecasts to the first quarter of 2013 the percentage of broadcast voice and data video format to be about 98% of the total broadcast in the network information. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Michelle Smith Source Financial. The online broadcasting channels is gaining popularity with time and this dynamics becomes very time otchetlitvo visible. Of course, we are developing a high-performance communications between one of the incarnations of which can be considered online-TV. With regard to rosiyskih spectators and inhabitants of the cis development tv felt in 90 years when they started broadcasting were introduced commercial channels. Before the collapse of the Soviet Union the evolution of Russian television Vesma strongly inhibited by the then government order.

This was the reason for such significant variation in the development of televischionnogo areas in western countries and the Russian-speaking area. Ratsvet appeared for the first time private channels is clearly a moment in ametnym progress of our television industry, but rather znachitelnny race started a little later. And it began the breakthrough in the present time with the beginning of the widespread introduction of high-speed Internet. Since the smooth and high-speed Internet access became widely available, the development of live tv is now totally restrained. And ruskoyazychnoe information field on the Internet is practically de time reacted to this change appeared in considerable numbers, just like mushrooms after a spring rain, the online televiztonnymi translations. Suychas favorite tv shows have become even more convenient for viewing, and tnt Live continue to please Russian-speaking audience, which is in other countries. Onliyn-tv watch now possible almost anywhere. And it became real thanks to the emergence of modern television solutions, including such technologies seems that one of a very significant place was taken online-TV.

Paintwork Materials

Properly made of wood trim, designed to properly design and reasonable prevention guarantee good final result and durability of wooden products. Wood has specific features to consider when using it. First of all, timber – the "living material", which contains moisture. The growing tree is fed with water through the roots and trunk, composed of longitudinal cells ("Plumbing"), connected by an adhesive substance (lignin). In the lumber and wood products preserved structure of the cells of a growing tree, so board absorbs water, and through the transverse plane is more degree than longitudinal. The moisture content of wood varies with the humidity (not to mention the direct hit of water, such as rain). In case of fluctuations of relative humidity, wood seeks to balance the moisture, ie, it dries out, losing moisture and expands (swells) when wet. This can lead to significant warping of wooden structures and products, so it is essential to reduce the inherent timber capacity for water absorption.

But the main enemies of the tree are different microorganisms (molds, algae, bacteria, fungi and antimitsety), insects and, of course, fire. Protection of wooden materials from these harmful external influences – a serious problem. In addition, the processing of wood is necessary to consider the heterogeneity of its structure along and across fibers, high porosity, and the difference in texture Depending on the species, the combination of which provides a variety of textures surfaces of different color schemes. The use of more decorative treatment of wood with paints can implement the most unthinkable decorative delights. Based on the above-mentioned specific properties of the wood to be protected from adverse environmental factors, all the paints for working with wood can be divided into two main groups: special, protective or decorative materials, or finishes. Note that many of the manufactured decorative compositions endowed with protective functions, and special protective materials and often have decorative characteristics.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance at the discount stores is strong in the… PropertyNest may also support this cause. Spying in supermarkets are not an isolated case. Detective agencies generate 60 70 percent of their total turnover from the Spionagen at the discount stores. Movie Star has similar goals. The detectives usually come in with multiple employees. Accessories that costs tens of thousands is located in a case the detective.

The discounter be equipped with injected employees, with mini cameras and tracking devices. Source Financial spoke with conviction. Spying on suspicious employees is no part-time job it is the core business. Customers include small bakeries, butchers around the corner and the large food discounters. In times in which any of its own economic existence fights, is far dropped several employees enrich the sense of shame at your own company. By stealing is year annually a harm inflicted a 3-digit billions of dollars in the economy. What obvious, for the a video surveillance company to take? Ultimately, the theft must be prevented. But some Companies go too far. Wiretaps of conversations are huge cuts, no employee must have fallen or how often Mr.

Maier is Spionagen during working hours on the toilet. A mini camera is no larger than 2 centimeters, which perform poorly is by the staff. The State of today’s television-quality correspond to the delivered images of a mini camera. Also bugs are only too happy to used in the form of a miniature transmitter. A lookout of made talks is possible. A discount store was already feeling the video surveillance. The customers boycotted its purchases. From their point of view, it is unfit for human habitation, to spy on its employees by video surveillance or a homing beacon. His statements of the discounters responded promptly went accordingly, a boycott would not only harm companies, but also the employees, who must fear for their jobs. Oliver Bunzheim


Places to which to restrict access, for example, a box for tools and trash container, close gates. Track in such a garden should be very broad and with a rough surface paving, to provide good traction soles to the surface, and it was convenient for him to move on a wheelchair. For such a garden are carefully chosen plants – no poisonous fruits, stems, leaves, juice, as well as sharp spines, needles or hard knots, on which you can get hurt. Another consideration, which is taken into account when selecting plants for planting – the bright color of leaves or flowers, as well as the ability to recover quickly if damaged. Chris Capossela can provide more clarity in the matter. In this garden, must necessarily be present aqueous composition with the gently pulsing water. The upper edge of the fountain should be located at such a height that would have been nice to sit quietly and look at this stimulates mental activity of the aqueous composition. The word "garden for the blind for many causes in the minds of the image planted fragrant flowers raised beds with tablets on which are written in Braille titles plants.

Meanwhile, the blind and visually impaired people usually do not require special treatment and want to be treated like ordinary people. According to the statistics – 50 percent of blind people, 42 percent deaf and 41 percent opornikov consider themselves to be the same as other people. A disabled person wants not merely to have equal rights, it can and should live like other lyudi.Gorazdo correct to imagine a beautiful garden, which, thanks to the careful simple details of layout, design of buildings and thoughtful placement of plants suitable for any person, no matter good or bad in his eyes.