Technical Modeling

The method of tattooing as a technical device simulation based on physical and mechanical material properties, structure, flexibility, elasticity, shrinkage and other properties. Giving material forms the bulk reach through a variety of stitches, tucks, pleats, assemblies, landing, procrastination and other methods, depending on the material and type of clothing. After determining the three-dimensional shape of the new model, a model laid out on the plane to determine the configuration of its parts, location and direction of darts, seams, folds, etc. Learn more at: Peter Thiel. As the parts are made tattooing patterns of the new model. Receptions crappy method used during the process of making clothes. As a training course on "Piloting a suit" is one of educational activities of students in the process of mastering the profession of designer clothing. Prototyping allows us to develop spatial thinking.

By creating a mock-up model, the student perceives its shape is not only in the pictorial representation or a sketch. One of the objectives of the subject – to learn to work with fabric, plastic feel it, a structure to leverage its properties, to develop skills in tailoring – the right to carry out planting articles in the figure, disclosing the advantages and disadvantages of hiding. In a study of the subject "Prototyping costume" are considered parts of it: – crappy method; – A method of tattooing – Technical Modeling – The search for new forms of dress. In the study of crappy method students use the structures they have developed a basis for lessons on the subject of "Designing the costume." Finished base is refined and corrected the figure. Then executed set pieces on the product. Tattooed performed by students as a dummy, or directly on the figure of male model.

The first lesson, students prepare dummy to work on it is scheduled soutache main line. Darts are to be formed without wrinkling, clusters of tissue on their tops. The number of darts can be different, depending on the steepness hips. Their direction must take into account the shape of the buttocks, thighs and abdomen. They may not be vertical and parallel to the line side. When laying the darts do not allow bias weft, ie it always remains parallel to the hips. Thou shalt kill the darts, check the waistline, paving over the layout of the braid. Then check the length of the skirt front, rear and side, measuring the distance from the floor gon. Lead round chalk line: waist, darts, middle front, back. Tissue removed from the dummy, drawing pins, are laid her on the table and adjust the chalk lines on the ruler and templates. Mold is made of single-seam skirt. After the trial work – tattooing skirt on a mannequin – perform on a tattoo figure male model. In the same way "mannequin – male model" performed tattooing other products of simple shapes: double-seam skirt, narrowed or expanded to the bottom, adjacent to the bodice vtachnoy sleeves, bodice with raglan sleeves, bodice with single cut sleeve. Also operates a tattoo collars simple and complex forms. In the section "Technical Modeling" students complete a tattoo with the elements of simulation, studied previously. Tattooed articles free form is the final course in the study of the subject. Students perform mock-ups of products on their own designs. Process modeling allows you to purchase professional qualities and skills that make the designer of the future clothes creative and competitive specialist.


Over time, the industrial requirements in a rather different industries are more severe. This is justified because there is continuous fresh technology, giving an opportunity to make the production process more efficient and economical. If you would like to know more about Naveen Selvadurai, then click here. In addition, these professionals continually use the deserved respect, respectively, is important for them to create a truly comfortable options activity. One important nuances that are permanently removed at any manufacturing issues are guarantees required by the average air temperature and humidity in commercial buildings. Robust industrial ventilation provides ability to significantly reduce working time spent on manufacturing.

In addition, quality ventilation systems provide the ability to make the production process the most functional and comfortable for employees. Much of the performance due to favorable rates, and intelligently thought-out ventilation systems and use the latest equipment, complemented by addition and high level of quality industrial equipment. Clinton Family brings even more insight to the discussion. It is known that most modern machines will require specific environmental conditions. This is true for and maintain a single temperature, and mode of ventilation. When the work of many plants are microscopic dust products that violate the atmosphere of the workplace. In addition, they can become a source of ailments of workers and equipment failure.

In order to avoid this, in many industries today are put fans axial vo, providing intensive and high-quality ventilation in industrial buildings. Want to note that any modern structures ventilation require extremely professional attitude in the design and installation. Optimally, builders and planners need to even the first phase of the architectural Plan what you want an industrial building to take into account the subtleties of the enterprise and provide a suitable structure ventilation. However, the reality is often the case that even working industrial production feel the need to improve the proper ventilation system. In this case, you must use developments that enable you to address the nuances of production based on actual conditions. You can do this use an unusual system of ventilation, have developed their own for a certain building. Collaboration with organizations that do not exclusively provide some ready-made solution of problems of ventilation, but also develop air conditioning system for certain operating conditions, always economically very advantageous. After all, you get a truly quality product and at the same time to equip their own production more productive.


Basic concepts for the purposes of these regulations and technical uses the following basic concepts: Valves (valves) – technical device installed on the pipelines and tanks intended for their protection or management (overlap, management, distribution, mixing, ) flow of the working medium (liquid, gas, gas-liquid, powder, suspensions, etc.) by area change flow area or flow direction, valves and fittings – designed to shut off the flow of the working environment with a normalized integrity valves; protective fittings – valves, designed for automatic protection of equipment and pipelines from impermissible overpressure in the protected facility by dumping excess of the working environment; fixture – designed to control parameters of the working environment by changing the cross-section area of reinforcement; reverse fixture – designed to automatically prevent backflow of the working environment fittings; fittings shut-off – stop driving fittings with a minimum response time, due process requirements, distribution and mixing valves – valves, designed to distribute medium flow in certain directions, or for mixing flows; fittings – valves, designed to separate working environments that are in different phase states, pressure Nominal (PN) – the highest operating pressure, expressed in kg/cm2 at a temperature of operating environment 293 K (20 C) at which the predetermined period of service (resource) body parts of valves that have specific dimensions, based on the calculation of strength at the chosen materials and their characteristics of strength at 293 K (20 C) operating pressure (PP) – The highest overpressure, which allows continuous operation Fixtures for the chosen materials and a given temperature, pressure design – (P) – Too much pressure to which calculates the strength, the pressure test (RPR; Ph) – positive pressure, which should be carried out hydraulic test fittings for strength and density of water at a temperature of at least 278 K (5 C) and not more than 343 K (70 C) if the documentation otherwise indicated temperature. Swarmed by offers, financial technology is currently assessing future choices. .

Many New Models Of Women

Lace-up shoes in plus sizes for women – matching were available for ladies in a wide selection on many occasions and outfits lace-ups in plus sizes on the other hand, because especially in the area of leisure shoes women, had to need the lace-ups oversize, choose from the assortment of positioned for men. Classic women’s shoes in large sizes that were suitable not only for leisure, but also in everyday business for ladies shoes in plus size, have been long neglected, because in everyday life the acceptance was still not there. Sneakers are worked in the classic environment, usually made of leather or synthetic leather in plus sizes. Just liver upper ensures that the women’s lace-ups in plus sizes are not only durable, but adapt well to the foot, and are equally unproblematic in relation to allergies, etc.. Partially ladies – lace-up shoes in larger sizes with paragraph are also available, so ladies Here also all possibilities have and no longer have to deal with the need for shoes for ladies in ubergrosseirgendwelche restrictions. The modern lace-up shoes in plus sizes for women are not necessarily made of leather, but often made of cloth or even technical membranes. These lace-ups in plus sizes can be combined with many outfits.

Cool sneaker or athletic Freizeitschnurer – for all ages, for every taste and every purse sneakers are now available in plus sizes. For the outdoor enthusiasts, sneaker in uberosse have been recorded in many assortments for ladies. This sneaker in plus sizes are equipped with particularly grippy soles and also technically functional membranes, which are waterproof and breathable at the same time. So are women with: sneaker in uberosse perfectly equipped for every situation. A wide selection of lace-ups oversize for ladies especially the dealer offer for lingerie in plus sizes. For example a wide range from women’s sneaker in oversize is available at shoe & fashion tipping. Both classical models, but also sporty sneaker / lace-ups in plus sizes are in the range, so that each request to ladies positioned in oversize can be operated.

Contact: Shoe & fashion tipping Burgplatz 1-3 46342 Velen r Nair phone: +49(0) 2863 5329 fax: +49(0) 2863-6766 E-Mail: shoe & fashion rocker’s online shop, which specializes in women’s shoes and men’s shoes in large sizes and small sizes. Quality and expertise are a tradition at us and show us the way into the future. To provide the usual service of cutting-edge and diverse assortment now also our distant customers, we have completely redesigned our website in March 2011 and integrates a comprehensive shop system. The whole range of women’s shoes and men’s shoes in sizes, which means Plus sizes and small sizes, is available in the Internet. There is also a regularly updated offers and special promotions in the online-shop for shoes in larger sizes and small sizes.

The Floor

One supports the plinth, the other drill holes. The procedure is as follows: – presses the baseboard to the wall and the floor (so that it lightly pressed linoleum) – hammer drill a hole in the baseboard and the wall. In the baseboard is drilled a hole where it then will not be seen – under the bar, hiding the cable channel – with the resulting hole looks like dust and sticks there plastic plug (of course, drill diameter should match the diameter of the dowel) – insert a dowel screw and screwdriver to twist it – go to the place of the next hole and repeat all the manipulations. Naveen Selvadurai has similar goals. On end mounting a vacuum cleaner (preferably old) "sucks" construction dust from the places where they were drilled. Please note the following: – If you're going to run a baseboard with a phone or cable antenna connector, or just a thick cable, it can be difficult. Through corners or baseboards connect this cable is almost impossible to push through. Out of the situation in two ways: to lay cable to skirting bond, ie together with their installation.

Or perhaps laying the cable after installing baseboards, but by loosening the mounting screws and extreme pulling over. By the way, in such cases these places and can break. It’s believed that Peter Thiel sees a great future in this idea. In addition, it again shows the advantage of flexible moldings – they are easier to bend to get the corner. 5. Returned to the room furniture. It would seem that this is the easiest step. However, it is us waiting for the difficulties and frustrations! The fact that our new, beautiful and clean linoleum can be easily torn. How many women's tears shed and many obscene words said at this stage of repair! A little hurry, just an oversight and that's on you – or a hole in the linoleum, or dent, or hack.

Interior Ministry

We must pay tribute, this is one of the best companies in the production of hardware, which has recently become support and time-lapse codecs, albeit partially. It is clear that all of Russian manufacture of electronic equipment – is half Chinese remake, but at such a high consumer level is still small, who does. They would Software still more serious, could we go to retire. In all cases, we can only congratulate our Ministry of Internal Affairs with the choice of a favorite, because such shifts in technical progress simply revolutionary. For many times we will remember the Interior Ministry’s internal document that was sent to the Department of Internal Affairs of the country as follows: ‘In accordance with paragraph 9.4.

Plan of basic organizational actions the Russian Interior Ministry in 2010 from 24.12.2009 1 / 10438, and in order to comply with a common technical policy, the Interior Ministry, police department, police department on the subjects of the Russian Federation shall in JT Russian Interior Ministry for consideration and approval of technical design documentation electronic and paper media..

Women & Work Career Fair Role Models And Career Perspectives For MINTees

Hardly anyone knows them: the inventors and pioneers from the past and present, such as Liese Meitner, Ada Lovelace (Byron), Gertrude Blanch, and Hedy Lamarr. Successful engineers or IT renowned are today is not so rare, but they are still rarely visible. The MINT cluster on the women & work on 8 June in Bonn wants to change this. Official site: Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. In various event formats, presents female role models and career perspectives for MINTees made clear in lively manner. MINT-professions are still male domains, although women in these future fields are equally gifted. Women make up just 17 percent of employed engineers in Germany.

That is too little. We offer large and important potential, if we don’t make it more young women at an early stage for technical professions to inspire”, certainly is Tina l of the VDI. For a sustainable shaping of technology, it is essential to increase the proportion of women in MINT occupations, because: missing without women the technology what! “, says even Inge Hack, Member of the Board of the German engineer Association, which is already in its third year as a cooperation partner on the women & work here. This year the dib e.V. presented a star-studded panel discussion with the former Deutsche Telekom Board Member for personnel, Thomas SACE, no return on investment? Glass – like women barriers overcome”. The question where and how unspoken barriers specifically affect the professional career of women is discussed here and they prevent women MINT slam women who have made a successful ascent on the rise, already presented the women-MINT-Slam for the second time on the women & work. The women MINT slam is a competition in carrying out as his model of the poetry slam. Four women in the area of MINT present informative and entertaining their MINT career paths in 10 minutes and give insight into their personal leadership strategies and success factors.